Changes, 2.0

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Of course, here at The Mobius Trip, when we announce “Change”, we mean actual change.  Not some Jedi Mind Trick bullshit like Obama and the other miscreants in Washington try to pass off as ‘change’.


No, here we mean actual change.  Change which will impact us, and then you.  Change you can really get your teeth around, bend over, slap and call it Chandra (if that’s your thing).   For example, on the NEW version of TMT, this posting has mood music to play while you’re reading.  For now, just crank up your own tunes and read on……. Continue reading

Mobius vows to unseat Hoyer, uses Wizard Magic!

We all saw here yesterday where Mobius pretty much said that Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer was toast – after all, he’s running against a true Ron Paul Republican, Collins Bailey.

Somebody's Pissing on Maryland's 5th District

Somebody Pissed on MD's 5th District Yesterday

What we did NOT know was that Mobius, long a master of the Dark Arts, was going to cast a Schlongomo Spell on Maryland’s 5th District last evening, causing rain, high winds, and testicle-shaped hail to fall.

We here at Lloyd’s Rants will continue to keep you updated as the situation, um, develops.

An Epiphany of Epic Proportions

I suppose to understand fully the context of this commentary, you’ve gotta read the piece Lloyd published this morning in Lloyd’s Rants.  Go check it out, and then come back.  It’s fine, I’ll wait. Continue reading

September 11, 2001 – v7.0

The Mobius Trip will be ‘closed’ today.

There will be no blog.

No scathing attacks on the Domestic Terrorists responsible for the events of that fateful day.

No new evidence pointing to Government complicity in the attacks.

No calls for memorials, a National Holiday, a real investigation, or for the Impeachment of those responsible.

After 5 minutes of surfing through the news and the usual assortment of websites, it appears that every attention-whore in the entire country has decided to do some or all of the above.  Like they’re performing some kind of National Service.  Many of them ramble on as if they’re going to get a fucking Tax Credit for the job.

You see, tomorrow (and if not tomorrow, certainly by Saturday) there won’t be a single word about it from any of them.  It’ll be long-lost in their minds, pushed to the back, so that they can worry about the things that are most important to them:  their iPods, American Idol, red vs blue, LOTR vs Star Wars, and that knob they’re continually trying to polish.

The Mobius Trip will not interfere today in any manner with their pejorative pathos.

Tomorrow, when the streets are filled with the litter of all the events, the planned memorials, the attention-seekers, the profiteers, the pundits and the politicos, we shall once again pick up the banner of truth and exercise our First Amendment rights on your behalf….enforcing your right to be informed.

So enjoy today, tell someone the TRUTH about what happened 7 years ago, and we’ll take the other 364 days.


Georgie, we hardly knew ye.

I wasn’t quite ready, again.

Two weeks before Christmas, 2005, nearly 3 years ago now, I got a phone call that would prove as devastating as any I’d ever recevied:  After an aduous, lengthy battle, my good friend Richard Pryor had passed away.  Although Rich had been sick, and we’d all seen him in worse health, we weren’t quite ready to let go.  Still, we knew it was coming.  It struck me like a brick in the chest, and I was morose for weeks – the typical reaction that someone has when one of their heroes has died.  Rich and I had stayed in touch pretty regularly via Jennifer, sharing our mutual fondness for critters.

I didn’t know George Carlin quite so intimately, but his name was ALWAYS right behind Pryor’s when anyone asked me who my favorite comedians were…. Continue reading