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Of course, here at The Mobius Trip, when we announce “Change”, we mean actual change.  Not some Jedi Mind Trick bullshit like Obama and the other miscreants in Washington try to pass off as ‘change’.


No, here we mean actual change.  Change which will impact us, and then you.  Change you can really get your teeth around, bend over, slap and call it Chandra (if that’s your thing).   For example, on the NEW version of TMT, this posting has mood music to play while you’re reading.  For now, just crank up your own tunes and read on……. Continue reading

No, you didn’t.

Editor’s Note:

Either I’m getting senile, overmedicating, or WordPress fucked up.  Either way, I dunno what happened, but here’s what I wrote on the inauguration, for what it’s worth.

Funny to note, it’s all still valid and proving more and more true with each passing day.  Nice, that.


Original Date of Publishing: January 20, 2009

There’s history in the air in Washington, DC today.  The National Mall is the official site for the world’s largest mutual masturbation session ever.  At 12:01PM today, the crowd ejaculated all over each other, not for the first time, and evidently not for the last.  While all you good people are busy sucking each others’ dick over the ascension of “The Messiah of Hype”, let’s examine a couple issues that are still outstanding: Continue reading

Mobius vows to unseat Hoyer, uses Wizard Magic!

We all saw here yesterday where Mobius pretty much said that Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer was toast – after all, he’s running against a true Ron Paul Republican, Collins Bailey.

Somebody's Pissing on Maryland's 5th District

Somebody Pissed on MD's 5th District Yesterday

What we did NOT know was that Mobius, long a master of the Dark Arts, was going to cast a Schlongomo Spell on Maryland’s 5th District last evening, causing rain, high winds, and testicle-shaped hail to fall.

We here at Lloyd’s Rants will continue to keep you updated as the situation, um, develops.

AWOL: Absent Without Leadership

Let’s say, for the time it takes you to digest this post, that I believe the hype.  Let’s say I believe Paulson and Bernanke when they say we’re headed to a global economic apocalypse unless we cough up the money.  Let’s say their arguments (which at times yesterday resembled a 13 year old girl whining to her parents about how she would just DIE unless she had the latest Hannah Montana CD, and she has to have it NOW) were accurate.

Fine, then.  Where, exactly, are the two Job Applicants who’ve applied for the 2009-2013 Presidential Term? Continue reading

An Epiphany of Epic Proportions

I suppose to understand fully the context of this commentary, you’ve gotta read the piece Lloyd published this morning in Lloyd’s Rants.  Go check it out, and then come back.  It’s fine, I’ll wait. Continue reading

The Party Flip, Part 1: Obama vs Palin

False Choice 2008 Disclaimer:  Mobius not only does not support or endorse ANY of the Republican or Democratic Candidates for President/VP in this election, but would HAPPILY pilot the airplane that took all four of these pandering, blathering morons to exile in a 3rd world country.  The False Choice Four™ aren’t collectively worth the value of a Large Order of Fries.

Fair Warning:  This blog uses adult language and terms you may not hear on Noggin.  Deal with it.  In the Party Flip series of articles, Mobius examines how the two major Political Parties in the United States have made it easier to understand that there’s no real difference between them anymore. We’re a Purple Nation, make no mistake about it.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

We’re expected to believe that the least-known of the least-knowns is suddenly a political dynamo hell-bent on world destruction, removal of all things that we, as Americans, hold dear, and is every bit as corrupt as Dick Cheney with PMS. Continue reading