Maryland Bans SENDING Text Messages While Driving

Hit ’10’ and ‘2’ on wheel, not cell —

The idiot above is in favor of the new Maryland ‘Sending’ text ban, which goes into effect October 1st.  Probably one of these guys who can’t piss and fart at the same time.  He does bring up some good questions about enforcement, so give it a look.  More information can be found about it here.

Do NOT Allow Police to Intimidate You!  EVER!

Is it a good idea to text and drive?  Surely not, at least not for most people.  I’ve seen  morons drive, and frankly it amazes me that they can pull that off without crashing every time out.  It’s also not a good idea to drive and:

  • Apply makeup
  • Shave – ANYTHING
  • TALK on your cellphone (see Lloyd’s take on this here)
  • Search your iPod
  • Scramble for the lit cigarette you dropped
  • Change the DVD (don’t get me started on THAT) for the idiots in the back seat
  • Finger your butthole
  • Finger someone else’s butthole
  • Search for wet-naps re: the last two items

Do we legislate against these activities?  Not in Maryland.  I think Texas or Arizona do have butthole legislation, however.  Sadly, this isn’t about whether you CAN safely accomplish these activities or not.  It’s about your freedom, and they’re being oppressed in a HUGE way with this moronic law.

As with most legislation which infringes on our rights and liberties, this one is sure to square off Police vs Citizens for the sole reason that it’s considered a ‘Primary’ offense.

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Round 1: People 1, Government 0

“This is a day of consequence for the American People”
– Rep. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader, D-Maryland 5th District

Sometimes the legislative process gets personal.

For me, it was just before the big vote on the Wall Street Bailout, CSPAN on the background, still scanning the 110 page PDF that detailed this farce, when my ear caught the name “Spiro T. Agnew”.

That’s just one of those phrases I have my own, internal, “Google Alert” set to.

The concept is not new at all.  I have my brain on constant scan for several keywords around the clock.  Nixon, Agnew, Watergate, blowjob, Worldspace, lesbian, 9-11, dachshund, akita, redbull, marijuana, naked, Stephen King, Yahoo and bong are all little words which, for whatever reason, set off the internal *perk!* which catches my attention, however briefly.  (For some, that may have been deeper into the Mind of Mobius than you’ve ever wanted to be.  Trust me, the list is a lot longer and contains elements that would make you shudder in your sleep.)

Some of these alerts actually gain in sensitivity when the alert word gains the status of ‘oldest’ in terms of when you’d last heard it.  I’m not sure it WAS the oldest, but when Steny Hoyer uttered that name, my attention was completely focused. Continue reading