Government Healthcare and the Moral High Ground

Here's the FIRST thing that goes under a Public Option

Check out this recently published essay regarding the potential consequences of a public healthcare option.

If we have a public option, and I’m paying for it, it gives me a financial and moral obligation and RIGHT to protect my (the government’s) money.  Therefore, if I’m paying for YOUR healthcare, there are going to be several changes I’m going to expect you to make – because, after all, we’re going to take the moral high ground on this like we do so many other things.



Gone Too Soon

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Like A Comet
Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

Twitter FAQ

You can see what I’m Tweeting about by searching for @Mobiusinformer on Twitter.

First, credits:

To @imsuperawesome, for allowing me to even be here.  She is, in fact, Super Awesome.

To @wilw, from whom I got the idea to post a Twitter FAQ.  A lot of what he has posted echo my sentiments exactly, only he’s far more eloquent and nice about it.  FWIW, I had no clue who @wilw was (an actor in one of the Star Trek franchise TV series), until I started Tweeting.  He often has interesting things to say and great posts on various topics.

To my friend, @MistressJett (she’s not nearly as harsh as that name sounds), whose participation on Twitter convinced me to give it a second look.  She’s usually the first in my small circle to dive into the latest online gizmo, and her instincts about what’s useable and not online are usually dead-on.  Usually. 😛

Lastly, to my old friend Dan Moore, who used to be The Silicon Frog on the ILink BBS Network.  Dan taught me most of what I know about dealing with people online, and his advice has never failed me yet.

What do you Tweet about?

Anything that comes to mind.  Some of it’s useful, some offensive, some ridiculous.  I tweet to please myself.

How often do you Tweet?

Some days I don’t Tweet at all.  Some days I tweet more than Kareem Abdul Jabbar (@kaj33) during a Laker’s Playoff Game.

Why are you picking on KAJ?

I’m not. The comparison was the first that came to mind.  I admire KAJ, despite my loathing for most current pro sports.  He’s old school, a class act, a man of principles, and he was The Monster Shouter in Stephen King’s The Stand!

Will you follow me?

Unlikely, unless you have something relevant, interesting or funny to say. Given that criteria, I probably wouldn’t follow ME.

I’ve been known to Tweet under more than one moniker, so it’s possible I’m following you from there.

You use more than one Twitter account?  Isn’t that somewhat Schizo?

Probably.  Different feeds for different interests.  You’ll find that the overall ‘message’ is pretty consistent.  Another perspective is that I get to blame others when making huge gaffes.  I take that cue from President Mulligan.

President Mulligan?  You mention that a lot in some of your Tweets.  WTF?

You obviously missed the infamous ‘abundance of caution’ do-over.

Which application do you use to Tweet?

I use ’em all.  From the web I enjoy Hootsuite.  Wish theirs was a standalone app.  I also use Destroy Twitter, Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop, in that order.  For the Blackberry, I like Uber Twitter, but Twitterberry is also pretty good.  For the iPhone/iTouch, I like many of them…and still deciding which one I like best.  In a perfect world, we’d have Hootsuite for the iTouch!

Do you tweet for fun or for profit?

Neither.  I use Twitter as a tool to keep my ear to the ground and to exchange information.  I’m disgusted at all these self-proclaimed Marketing/SEO type gurus who manipulate data online to make a buck.  They’re somewhere in between Pawnbrokers and Attorneys in my book, right below Car Salesmen.  It amazes me that they’ve pounced down on Twitter like a pack of ravenous dogs, and further amazes me that otherwise intelligent, educated people follow their advice and suck the life out of what can be a great planet-wide information exchange.

I was following you, and you blocked me.  Why?

Because you had nothing relevant to say, or you were one of the aforementioned marketing douchebags.  My nuts aren’t all that large, but I won’t have somebody hanging off them to make a buck.  Either that or I miss-clicked, which has been known to happen.  Leave a reply here if you feel I blocked you unjustly.

You post a lot of stuff that pisses me off.

Hopefully it made you think.  If you don’t like what I have to say, hit that big X in the upper right hand corner of your window and go someplace else.  Won’t bother me in the slightest.  A better suggestion would be to engage me and call me out on the offensive post.  Just be forewarned –  my positions are usually pretty well thought out.

You seem to post a LOT on Twitter in various places.  Don’t you have (a life, anything better to do, etc.)?

That’s the lamest, oldest internet wanna-be argument in the world.  It’s not my fault if I can think and react faster than you can.  I spend far less time online than you might think, and really, that’s my business, isn’t it?  Odds are I was ‘here’ long before you were, and will be here long after you’re gone.

Who else should I follow on Twitter?

You’re here, and you’ve read this far.  You can figure that one out on your own.  My blogs and those of our sister sites will often mention people worth following, and people worth avoiding.  I follow and engage a wide range of folks, from the ACLU to Karl Rove.  The spectrum doesn’t get any wider than that.

No, you didn’t.

Editor’s Note:

Either I’m getting senile, overmedicating, or WordPress fucked up.  Either way, I dunno what happened, but here’s what I wrote on the inauguration, for what it’s worth.

Funny to note, it’s all still valid and proving more and more true with each passing day.  Nice, that.


Original Date of Publishing: January 20, 2009

There’s history in the air in Washington, DC today.  The National Mall is the official site for the world’s largest mutual masturbation session ever.  At 12:01PM today, the crowd ejaculated all over each other, not for the first time, and evidently not for the last.  While all you good people are busy sucking each others’ dick over the ascension of “The Messiah of Hype”, let’s examine a couple issues that are still outstanding: Continue reading

Alarming Military Escalation by Homeland Security for “Disaster Event”

Given the video’s “sponsor” (some stock wizard), you have to wonder. Aside from that, interesting talk.  This gal isn’t the first to come out publicly with these whispered rumors.  Given next month’s events in DC, with the bars open until 5AM, and a few other interesting details (below), there’s definitely something afoot.

More Freedoms Threatened as Obama Eyes a Cyber Czar


Excellent blog I ran across, worthy of reposting.  The original is here.

The Censorship of the ‘Net, Coming Soon to an IP near you

First, create the problem by having your thugs attack America. They can attack the physical, like the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11 or attack cyberspace, creating a need to be saved from those “evildoers.”

Deliberately postpone computer and software anti-virus updates at various US agencies, like the FBI and DHS, so hackers and crackers from China and Israel can play hell with our cyber infrastructure.

Then, have your media shills at CNN and FOX repeat ad nauseam that the problem is coming from Muslim types who are intent on destroying America, because they hate our freedoms or some other BS.

Next, drive your message home, like the thugs did when they put military grade Anthrax into the mail, scaring the hell out of millions and sickening and killing some Americans.

Propose to fix the problem you created by shredding the Bill of Rights and turning America into a quasi-police state.

Get ready to take out the last pure form of unadulterated news available, the Internet.

One more 9/11 on American soil, either a physical attack or one on cyberspace, brought to you by the same homicidal maniacs that pulled off 9/11 and we can say goodbye to the Internet.
We’ll be saved by the “Thought Crime Act,” now sitting on Senator Joe Lieberman’s (Likud Party-Israel) desk. The act will be put forth to save us the same way the liberty shredding Patriot Act saved us from ourselves, by declaring war on Americans.

We all know who’s really behind 9/11 and it wasn’t some aging and feeble Muslim, sitting in a cave in Afghanistan, waiting for his dialysis machine.

Problems at the Carnival

The CSIS report on cyber security has hit the ground running. We have problems, people. Serious, serious problems. Just ask CNN. Every day our national security gets compromised by cyber criminals, foreign intelligence operatives, and who knows who else.


Yes, my friends. Woe. Woe! Obama must do something right away, like appoint a Cyber Czar and spend taxpayer money creating a new agency. STAT! It’s an e m e r g e n c y.
The 96-page “Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency” report was made public at the start of the week and offers numerous ideas and recommendations for government officials who are growing more concerned about the possibility of cyberwarfare.

“The United States must treat cybersecurity as one of the most important national security challenges it faces,” according to the report. It adds that the current Bush administration’s Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative “good but not sufficient” and the use of computers as attack tools creates “a strategic issue on par with weapons of mass destruction and global jihad.”

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not been able to properly secure U.S. government computers from cyber attacks, and should no longer have the responsibility. DHS isn’t suited to handle technology issues, as the agency uses “archaic” methods that cannot keep up with new attacks.

At least five members of Obama’s transition team helped contribute to the report, and his staff is eager to see how they can better protect the United States from cyber attacks.

DHS will likely be strengthened once Obama takes office, but even so, it’s not recommended the agency continue to have the lead in cyber security, as it “is not the agency to lead in a conflict with foreign intelligence agencies or militaries, or even well organized international cyber criminals.”

In an ideal scenario, the new office would combine the Joint Inter-Agency Cyber Task Force and DHS National Center for Cybersecurity while recruiting cyber security experts to help create new levels of defense.

Now, just a small sampling of CSIS board of trustees members include some familiar names like Dick Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Frist, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft. This is clearly an arm of the octopus. These people know full well that our government has long since been infiltrated by foreign operatives, aka their friends and colleagues. They know full well that they at best ignored the problem they so shrilly wave their arms about today, now that it has grown massively out of control. They know that DHS, under the dual national Michael Chertoff, never had any intention of protection US national security. This is just Hegelian problem-reaction-solution stuff.

Anyone who seriously wants to help this country can start by weeding out all the dual nationals and foreign operatives who brazenly work to destroy America. And I would suggest that’s not about to happen, unfortunately, much as I would wish otherwise.

By polluting and compromising our national interest, our so called leaders have truly made a mess of the whole world; since no country can operate safely in an environment where other nations’ interests and motives remain hidden and entwined, unless of course they spy. Yes, spying has always existed, but securely lashing the US national interest to Israel’s has resulted in an escalation of security breaches because it destabilizes our position vis a vis the rest of the world. We must be like dealing with Sybil. And this has been going on for years and years, but now, all of a sudden, surprising us no end, practically inconceivable, you are to consider that it is an emergency that our security has been compromised. Yes! No shit! Thanks for the tip! And you can just imagine what sorts of fixes they have in mind, which of course will need to be rammed through as quickly as possible a la the Patriot Act, especially if we suffer some kind of terrorist attack, as has been forecast, and during which the ride will probably not withstand the tremendous spin forces.

Meanwhile, we’re just going to keep going around and around on this carnival ride until somebody down there throws some sand in the gear box or sticks a banana in the exhaust or tackles the operator, or something. God help us.

Welcome to The Ministry of Love


Tom Zoellner recently wrote an excellent article on the appointment of Janet Napolitano as Minister of The Ministry of Homeland Security under the Obama Regime, and her disturbing connections to National Douchenozzle, Joe Arpaio.

If you think we’re not headed to a police state, RFID chipping, presenting papers at checkpoints and a whisper away from The Thought Police and The Ministry of Love, you’re not paying attention.

This sure is change, yes indeedy.  Change which makes me stock up on my canned goods.

Tom’s analysis is provided in full, below. Continue reading