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Either I’m getting senile, overmedicating, or WordPress fucked up.  Either way, I dunno what happened, but here’s what I wrote on the inauguration, for what it’s worth.

Funny to note, it’s all still valid and proving more and more true with each passing day.  Nice, that.


Original Date of Publishing: January 20, 2009

There’s history in the air in Washington, DC today.  The National Mall is the official site for the world’s largest mutual masturbation session ever.  At 12:01PM today, the crowd ejaculated all over each other, not for the first time, and evidently not for the last.  While all you good people are busy sucking each others’ dick over the ascension of “The Messiah of Hype”, let’s examine a couple issues that are still outstanding: Continue reading


Welcome to The Ministry of Love


Tom Zoellner recently wrote an excellent article on the appointment of Janet Napolitano as Minister of The Ministry of Homeland Security under the Obama Regime, and her disturbing connections to National Douchenozzle, Joe Arpaio.

If you think we’re not headed to a police state, RFID chipping, presenting papers at checkpoints and a whisper away from The Thought Police and The Ministry of Love, you’re not paying attention.

This sure is change, yes indeedy.  Change which makes me stock up on my canned goods.

Tom’s analysis is provided in full, below. Continue reading

Political Turkeys of 2008

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving again.  Another Government-endorsed Holiday celebrating something that didn’t take place, with traditions which are in no way tied to the event itself, mired in religious concept and is little more than an excuse to try and boost the economy through travel, retail spending and media.

Kind of like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, when you think about it.  Completely pointless.  This year it’s even worse with the Economy being what it is – many will dine this Thursday on hot dogs, pizza, or hamburger helper, if they get to dine at all.  Yet we promote this nonsense and make those less fortunate than us feel left out amongst the shopping throngs in the grocery stores across America.

If that’s not good enough for you, let’s beat down the economically-downtrodden a little more by offering to cut prices to the bone on Black Friday, once again leaving them to wonder how they’ll pay for their heating bills this winter instead of hopping onto the latest deal at Sam’s Club.

I’m not sure that’s the American Spirit our founders had in mind, folks.  Yet we do it every single year.

So, instead of turkey (which nobody really cares for but tolerates, if sales have anything to do with it) on the dinner table, the good folks at The Mobius Trip will present you with a banquet of Political Turkeys.

You won’t see THESE turkeys on CNN, which has put out the EASY list. We have a LOT to choose from this year, but the major Political Turkeys of 2008 would have to include the following: Continue reading

Unprecedented, questionable security at Onauguration

Repost from KEZI.
Not just metal detectors: Sharpshooters, cameras ready to watch crowd at Obama’s inaugural

November 21, 2008


Law enforcement officials bracing for the largest crowds in inaugural history are preparing far-reaching security—thousands of video cameras, sharpshooters, air patrols—to safeguard President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in.

People attending the ceremony and parade on Jan. 20 can expect to be searched by machines, security personnel or both. Precautions will range from the routine—magnetometers like those used at airports—to countersnipers trained to hit a target the size of a teacup saucer from 1,000 yards away. Plus undercover officers, bomb sniffing dogs and air patrols. Continue reading

Obama Legal Challenges Mount


(courtesy’s Myspace posting)

Phillip Berg from just published this full page ad in The Washington Times National Weekly Edition.

PDF Copy of the ad is here.

In other things going on in the ongoing legal drama…: Continue reading

Dead Air is a Killer

Okay, so, while Mobiüs takes his little sabbatical here, I thought I’d fill everyone in on the news.  Nobody likes dead air, and it IS encouraging to get the little ‘nudge’ notes from the fan base asking WTF.

Just so we remain fair and balanced, Mob says he’s ‘doing research’.  I say he’s pouting.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, although it HAS been documented that since CNN called the election for Obama, until a couple of days ago, he literally had not moved from his spot on the sofa, same expression on his face:


So, while we wait on him to ‘finish his research, let’s go over a couple of current events from the extreme perspective which is uniquely mine.  Let’s see just how many sheep we can Pokerize… Continue reading

The Long Awaited Death of API


Sammy Korir (above), or at least that’s who he SAID he is (and the pic HE provided) and the API (African Press International) Scam is either dead or mortally wounded, as WordPress seems to have taken their site down for TOS Violations.

For those of you who are uninitiated into the phenomenon which was API, here’s the reader’s digest version: Continue reading