Of course, here at The Mobius Trip, when we announce “Change”, we mean actual change.  Not some Jedi Mind Trick bullshit like Obama and the other miscreants in Washington try to pass off as ‘change’.


No, here we mean actual change.  Change which will impact us, and then you.  Change you can really get your teeth around, bend over, slap and call it Chandra (if that’s your thing).   For example, on the NEW version of TMT, this posting has mood music to play while you’re reading.  For now, just crank up your own tunes and read on…….

New Website and Blog URLs

We’ve teamed up with Lloyd over at Lloyd’s Rants to join him at his newly-unveiled website.  Lloyd’s Rants will be the exclusive home to The Mobius Trip once we complete the switchover.

Our IT folks will move The Mobius Trip and Lloyd’s Rants both to a new home website this week.  Means we’ll be able to tweak and change the design a little bit, but also means that it’s a LOT more work for us.  This whole process has definitely given us a new appreciation for the folks at who seemingly manage to handle all the little details in their sleep.

We’ll move over the blog entries and once that’s done we’ll announce it all here.  Couple, three days at most, or later today if I get outrageously ambitious.  Once that is finished, we’ll maintain our presence here @ but alter the postings here to reflect our new web home.

What’s the new address, you ask?  We’ll unveil that later as well since we’re still in construction mode….but it really wouldn’t be too hard to guess.

New Forums

I know what you’re thinking, trust me.  ANOTHER politically-centered forum to join the millions already out there?  I agree with what you’re already thinking – it’s not worth the hassle to keep up with, register, etc.  God knows I have accounts on just about every political site there is….but here’s my thinking……

I’ve noticed that a lot of what I have to post are short shots – not the pages-long articles that we usually have here.  A forum is great for posting things, similar to what I do now at  Secondly, a lot of the email correspondence I’ve had with site and blog fans really IS great stuff – a lot of valid points are brought out, more research, etc.

So, with that in mind, it won’t be the largest forum, the most exhaustive source for all things political, but I’m hopeful that there will be enough mindful discourse there to make it worth the separate registration and attention.

Podcasts and Internet Radio

Too lazy to read?  Want to hear the actual verbal intent of my rants and diatribes?  You’re in luck.  We’re going to start posting podcasts of some of our shorter pieces, as well as some P.O. (podcast-only) sessions addressing various popular topics in current events.  For now it’ll be a couple links to MP3 renditions posted in the forums.  If anybody wants to recommend a decent podcast hosting/management/broadcast system, I’m all ears… I expect a rash of advice from my Twitterfolks.

We’re also going to be streaming live radio in the next day or so.  Times for actual shows will be posted, and we’ll have a place to sign up to be notified of new showtimes.  For now, afternoons and evenings are the best bet to catch us live online.  When we’re not on, we’ll have a large assortment of music, audiobooks (you’ll hear 1984 playing a lot), and other amusing things from my assortment of stuff.

This isn’t our first time at the dance for Internet Radio, so we’re hoping to be able to provide a good experience for our listeners.  If we inform and entertain, we’ll have achieved our objectives.  If we make you think, we’re done. 😉

If we’re REALLY good, we’ll post podcast recordings of the live shows.  I’ll have to think that one through to see if I can actually get this thing to record what’s playing.  You folks who own Realtek audio know what I mean.


We’re hoping to be able to add live chat soon, as well as a call-in phone number to take some live calls.  I still have to catch up with a couple of my technerd friends to figure out how to get that done.

The recent sabbatical has been productive, and hopefully you’ll enjoy these new changes.  Meanwhile, you can catch us on MySpace, and keep your eyes peeled here for the announcement of the new website.

In Truth, I am,



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