No, you didn’t.

Editor’s Note:

Either I’m getting senile, overmedicating, or WordPress fucked up.  Either way, I dunno what happened, but here’s what I wrote on the inauguration, for what it’s worth.

Funny to note, it’s all still valid and proving more and more true with each passing day.  Nice, that.


Original Date of Publishing: January 20, 2009

There’s history in the air in Washington, DC today.  The National Mall is the official site for the world’s largest mutual masturbation session ever.  At 12:01PM today, the crowd ejaculated all over each other, not for the first time, and evidently not for the last.  While all you good people are busy sucking each others’ dick over the ascension of “The Messiah of Hype”, let’s examine a couple issues that are still outstanding:

The Pop Idol you’ve put into the White House is a covert, overt impostor.  He’s all but admitted it by avoiding questions about his heritage, background and citizenship.  The bank-owned courts in our country have determined that this man’s pedigree is none of our business.  None.  While he lied for two years promising accountability and transparency in Government, we’re now seeing that firsthand with his transition team.  Let’s face it, the man spent over $1 million AVOIDING the production of his original birth certificate, and won’t even explain WHY.

We’re walking into the most overt Manchurian candidate ever.  Barack Hussein Obama is completely owned by the banking interests around the globe.  As a member of CFR, the Trilateral Commission and a friend of The Bilderberg Group, this globalist impostor is poised to mingle the sovereignty of Mr. Jefferson’s country with those of other nations in the pursuit of domination on a worldwide scale.

His parentage notwithstanding, he’s HARDLY an “African American”.  Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton are African Americans.  Usher is an African American.  Even Michael Jackson is an African American.  Obama may be an American with African roots, but let’s speak the frank truth here: If you think for one moment that this man has ANYTHING in common with the average American (African or otherwise), you’re completely blind.  This man is an elitist, privileged, wealthy politician and lawyer.  He doesn’t even own a DOG.  You’ve absolved yourself of absolutely nothing, and once you realize what you’ve done, you’ll find that we didn’t make history today, we just started it. Dark history indeed.  Hopefully in time the fact that this man isn’t Caucasian (!) will only be a footnote, as it should be – making it into something ‘historical’ only emphasizes his difference…which is what we purportedly want to avoid.

Let’s not start deep-throating each other quite so soon, eh?  After all, the only thing this man has accomplished was to beat John McCain and Sarah Palin – not exactly an accomplishment.  The Democrats could’ve nominated a Large Order of Fries for President and still beaten the doddering old fool and the clueless skirt from the great white north.  I know I can’t possibly be the only one who can clearly see that the GOP threw this election.  Considering the opposition and the lack of a landslide mandate for Obama’s agenda, this is hardly the time to start your self-congratulations.  The putz couldn’t even memorize 35 words for us, so I’d hold off on all the whoop-dee-doing just yet….I’ll wait and see what President Mulligan does before we start off too roughly on him.  Abundance of caution, my ass.

He’s NOT going to improve the economy.  In fact, every single economic recovery issue he’s voted on has been a dismal failure and only furthered the level of debt in which we’re in.  He’s already proposed to put the very criminals responsible for this mess back in charge.  Every day since November they’ve issued pleas for MORE money.  Bill asks for it, Hillary asks for it, Joe and Barry ask, Michelle asks, even Hillary’s mom has asked.  More money.  This from the campaign who both raised and spent historically high amounts of money – and yet months later they’ve still got their hands out asking for more.  This is who we want managing the National Checkbook?

He’s NOT going to pull out of Iraq….not like you want.  He’s also going to ensure we get MORE involved in Afghanistan – pointless, fraudulent military actions which are not only barbaric but completely unwarranted.  Note we will not use the word “War” here, out of respect of the MILLIONS who have actually fought in a “War”.

He’s going to RAISE your taxes and LOWER the buying power of your paycheck.  There’s no way he can redistribute the wealth in this country without raising taxes – after all, when you’re broke and still spending money, you either increase your income or lower your expenses to stay afloat.  We’ll do neither successfully.

He hasn’t brought CHANGE.  Duplicating the Clinton Administration isn’t Change.  Surrounding himself in veteran Washington Insiders is a very clear indication that this man expects business as usual in DC.

The differences in his Campaign Launch Speech, his Democratic Nomination acceptance, post-election night speech and the Inaugural address is marked in its differences and altered directions.  Hooked, the sheep simply baah and go along the path as they are lead, all the time oblivious that they’re NOT headed to the petting zoo.


2 Responses

  1. This is what I posted when I came across your comment:

    “MOBIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! Where in the H-E-Double hockey sticks have you been, buck-o!?! You have been sorely missed.

    Glad to see you pokin’ around again. Can’t wait to catch up on your posts! 🙂


    Promise I’ll catch up soon, it’s just good to see your ass back! 🙂

    • Thanks. Been busy making some behind the scene changes, consolidating the columns, self-hosting and a forum. We’ll stick up an announcement once it’s done.

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