Alarming Military Escalation by Homeland Security for “Disaster Event”

Given the video’s “sponsor” (some stock wizard), you have to wonder. Aside from that, interesting talk.  This gal isn’t the first to come out publicly with these whispered rumors.  Given next month’s events in DC, with the bars open until 5AM, and a few other interesting details (below), there’s definitely something afoot.


4 Responses

  1. i don’t think they understand.
    what fighting for a paycheck is,
    and what Killing for Freedom is.

  2. WHERE IN THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN MOBI??? I’ve missed your ass. 🙂


  3. *tap tap* *tap tap tap*

    Where’s my Mobi? I need a fix, especially now.

    Come back, the Blogosphere misses you.


  4. Hey, and how can I get my actual face instead of a gremlin face to show up next to my comments? 🙂

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