Dead Air is a Killer

Okay, so, while Mobiüs takes his little sabbatical here, I thought I’d fill everyone in on the news.  Nobody likes dead air, and it IS encouraging to get the little ‘nudge’ notes from the fan base asking WTF.

Just so we remain fair and balanced, Mob says he’s ‘doing research’.  I say he’s pouting.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, although it HAS been documented that since CNN called the election for Obama, until a couple of days ago, he literally had not moved from his spot on the sofa, same expression on his face:


So, while we wait on him to ‘finish his research, let’s go over a couple of current events from the extreme perspective which is uniquely mine.  Let’s see just how many sheep we can Pokerize…

Cultural Diversity Training

Allow me to demonstrate the ‘shout out’.

This is merely the practice of saying someone’s name while in a position to be heard by many others, whether it be on Television or Radio.  You can do this any time somebody has a microphone stuck into your face, and it must be announced and pointed out that you’re doing it.  You can’t just say “John Doe” and let everyone else figure out that you had just executed a ‘shout out’ – you have to point it out, possibly even ramping the event up with hype and other attention getting shenanigans.

Therefore, the ‘shout out’ in this article will go out to Poke himself.

Poke’s been my partner in various crimes for a long time now, probably going on 15 years or more.  Whether it’s hassling local retailers who can’t even tell the time (opting, instead, for ‘tima’), risking life and limb to watch a Tyson fight in a Utah biker bar (while in the company of a friend dressed up like Mr. Sulu and the only black guy in the area for 100 miles), or even heading the White Lincoln down that desert highway yelling ‘Whoop-Whoop-Whoop’, we’ve managed to avoid death, incarceration, AND The Herpes.

Sometime in the next month, 5 weeks or so, Poke’s gonna become a daddy for the first time.  So…..shout out to Poke. Whoop, whoop.

Next week I’ll demonstrate the art of slapping up my bitch.

The Wall Street Bailout

What.  The.  Fuck.  Are you kidding me?  The morons in Congress who jammed the red-hot-poker $700B (yes, I know it’s much more than that, but the average American Idoler here will know it as the $700B one) up our collective asses are now all backing down from having voted for it.

We TOLD them it wouldn’t work.  We TOLD them it was a blank check.  They told us, “Nonsense.  This is for your own good.”, and did whatever the fuck they wanted to do anyway.

And now, most of the money has been spent on OTHER things instead of what was intended, nobody seems to know WHERE the money went, exactly, and it hasn’t done a fucking thing to the economy except help pay for a couple sweet AIG conferences.

Kiddies, let me point something out here:   Your new friend Barry wants THIS SAME COMPANY who manages everything so very well, the bailout being a current example only, to mange YOUR healthcare. You best start stocking up on Windex and Neosporin right now.

The Big 3 Bailout

See above, only now they want to ‘bail out’ the Auto Industry.

Ya know, e-fucking-nough already with the bailouts.  Next we’ll hear that the Healtcare industry needs a bailout.  Then the Legal profession will also need one.  Gosh.  Doctors and Lawyers are going broke?  Used Car Salesmen aren’t able to make ends meet?  Next thing they’ll want to bail out Check Cashing outfits, Liquor Stores Emergency Veterinarians and Pawnshops.  Perhaps there’s something written on the BACK of our Constitution which says the US Taxpayer must pay to save the employment of professions which PREY ON THE MISFORTUNE OF OTHERS.  I’d say that list above pretty much fits into that category.  We just started with the Bankers.

I don’t know about you, but my sphincter starts to contract about 6 weeks before I realize I have to purchase an automobile.  The process is never fun, you’re expected to haggle and play mind games for hours over the price, the options, the financing, etc., and most people leave (with or without a vehicle) just fucking thanking god that they’re OUT of there.

Getting a car fixed is pretty much the same experience, only on a smaller scale.  The double-whammy, of course, is when you go to get your car fixed (traumatic enough), and find that you really need to go buy another car (ouch).  I’ve had a few of those.  They leave scars.

Yet, now, this industry which has consistently delivered cars which guzzle gas like crazy, who glamorize and celebrate their culture of consumer pressure sales and predatory practices, comes to us with their hand out, saying they’ll run out of cash by the end of the year and need a “bailout”.

It’s like having small children.  If you’ve ever been in the presence of more than one child, you KNOW you can’t just give something to ONE kid – it’s only a matter of time before the other kids start clamoring for themselves.

So, since I know every elected official in the land reads these blogs (or SHOULD, anyway), let’s go over this again, very carefully:  NOT ONE THIN DIME.  Not one.  I’d threaten that we’ll vote your collective criminal asses out of office, but as evidenced a couple weeks ago, WE’RE TOO FUCKING COMPLACENT to follow through on THAT threat, and you know it.  Nice gig you got going there.

I don’t care if the auto industry and all the other little suppliers and such go belly-up.  That’s what you GET for preying on us and our resources for so long.  That’s what you GET for charging more for a vehicle than a HOME is worth anymore.  That’s what you GET for being a douchenozzle when it comes time for us to BUY your product.  That’s what you GET for operating a business and failing at it miserably.

File for bankruptcy.  That’s what it’s for.  Just get your fucking hand out of MY pocket.


Researchers are sill searching for any sign of actual ‘change’ in the Obama transition process.   So far, we haven’t seen any.  Every appointee has either been a Washington Insider (at best) or a Clintonite (at worst), and there are NO new faces, no new ideas, no real CHANGE.

Except, of course, the Change.Gov website.  That’s change, for sure.  We’ve gotten ourselves a PEOTUS who’s about as full of himself as he can possibly be.  I think he likes seeing his name in print and his face on everything.  Yep, it’s gonna be one of THOSE administrations.  Best changing part of Change.Gov is that anytime they post something there that’s, say, controversial (the mandatory government service for citizens, for example), the policy statements seem to disappear very quickly.

Aside from that, there’s been no change.  We’ll keep looking.

The Inauguration

They’re calling for 4 million people or more to descend on the Washington, DC area for the Inauguration in January.  Just watch, somebody will declare the day a National Holiday or something.  If you thought that the Hype which is Obama was bad during the election, just wait until the day after Christmas.  I don’t think they’ll even wait for the New Year to pass (or they’ll latch on to the whole “New Year, New Beginnings” type bullshit) and start pushing the Inauguration.

People in the area are already trying to profit from the party to come, renting out rooms in their home to visitors for $1000 a night or more.  I’ll be renting my basement for $100 a night, but you must leave the television on 24 hours a day – I’ll be playing Alex Jones movies, Zeitgeist and Hype the entire time.

Change, my ass.  Mobius theorizes that the election itself has been the actual false flag for 2008.  They’ll just try and alley-oop everyone with the Inauguration.

Obama’s Birth Certificate

We still haven’t seen one.  Not likely to ever see one.  Manchurian tea, anyone?

Al Franken Senate Race

Who gives a shit?  Seriously?  Want to impress me?  Elect Joe Pesci.

Anti Fed Rally 11-22-08

Events happening all around the country for this one.  Every time we spread the truth about what’s going on we’re doing good, but folks I gotta question the timing on this one.  I just don’t think it’s going to get anyone’s attention right now.  6 months from now, maybe.  The O-Hype Machine is in full swing, and I think it has closed a lot of minds to anything right now for a lot of people.

Anyway, it’s a good cause, needs to be done, so if you’re so inclined, Google it and get involved.

If we keep doing our thing, spreading the truth, and calling Obama on each and every single failure to deliver on his campaign rhetoric (“change” is a good start), perhaps then people’s eyes will open to the fact that these criminals don’t give a shit about any of us.  Right now, however, these folks are waiting on Santa Claus to come and deliver, and the fact of the matter is that he’s not going to show up.  As the campaign was in full steam and you sat on Obama Claus’ lap, he said you’d have everything you wanted, and that it would all be okay.  How long after Christmas Morning has come and gone will you start to understand he lied?


Soon you’ll notice a page up top containing a list of Podcasts available for your listening enjoyment.  We’ve done a few and embedded them into some of the articles here.

We’re finishing up the website, finally, and gotten the forums back up and working again.  Within the next month or so we’ll be back on the air with the live news and commentary 3 nights a week.

Don’t forget, Mobiüs is ALWAYS tagging events which are newsworthy (and sometimes even a little commentary) on Delicious.  This is updated constantly during the day.

That’s about it.

Until next time, kiddies,


PS, here’s another ‘shout-out‘. To myself. 😉


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