The Long Awaited Death of API


Sammy Korir (above), or at least that’s who he SAID he is (and the pic HE provided) and the API (African Press International) Scam is either dead or mortally wounded, as WordPress seems to have taken their site down for TOS Violations.

For those of you who are uninitiated into the phenomenon which was API, here’s the reader’s digest version:

API was located at , and was a website which looked and felt like the ultimate in Nigerian internet scammage.

As a longtime anti-419 crusader and ‘scam-the-scammer extraordinairre’, I have engaged with people like this ever since this phenomenon began.  The sad part is, aside from a little Photoshop and better HTML editors, the premise of the Nigerian 419 scam hasn’t changed in ages.

They still write with the same haughty air as always, very self-important and unable to focus until the time comes for you to pay them.  Until then, it’s all ideas, blue sky, pontification and delays.  Kinda like the entire Obama campaign, now that I think of it.  I digress….

A month or so before the elections, “Chief Editor Korir” from the API Blog declared that they had gotten a phone call from Michelle Obama, ranting on them about Barack’s parentage or birth location or citizenship or some such nonsense….nonsense part being that Michelle would even care about some Nigerian Blogger in Norway or what they had to say about Barry.

So, they promise to publish the recordings….but here’s where the classic Nigerian Scammer part started – delays.  First, they needed a lawyer, then they had to decide who to send the recordings to, then they sent them to Fox, but they refused to play them, then, then, then………..well, at any rate, they never produced anything except some decent viral website hits.

Apparently, at least for now, they’re gone.

Now, I’ve not NEARLY given all the details, nor done justice to this ongoing saga.  Mountainsage has done a great job of documenting some of it, but as a months-long internet saga, there’s lots of reading to catch up.

I’m actually hoping that SOMEBODY has a site rip of that blog – it actually makes for very interesting reading and a good exercise in spotting the obvious holes and such in the API story.

Just trust that one of the most amusing and hilarious attempts at election scammage has probably, for now, come to an end.  Odds are they’ll just show up on Blogspot (unlikely, I know who owns Africanpressonline and Africanpressinternational on Blogspot, and it’s NOT Sammy 😉 ) or some other blogging site soon, and claim that the CIA took down their website…..and they need donations to get it back.  LMAO

Until next time, kiddies,


PS – Mobius is a better researcher than I am.  These morons are already back.


8 Responses

  1. Yes, they are back, but I don’t think it will last. In case you didn’t catch all of the goings on at mountain sage, I was the one who actually got Sammy’s site closed down, although my intended target was really his fake “Rainbow Foundation”. As a long time supporter of the real Rainbow Foundation, I found it unacceptable to let this fake continue to draw donations from people using the name of a real charity to do so.
    But his new tripod site is already violating the TOS set down by tripod, so I doubt he will remain there for too long. He has a bad habit of copying and pasting articles from official news sites without giving proper credit or linking to the originals. It seems the guy has never written a single news article for his sites, he just copies other’s without permission. The only ones that are his, are the ones that talk about the tapes and the Imam with the birth certificate from Kenya, all other articles published by him belong to other sites.
    Can you say “Copyright infringement”?

  2. I’m catching up now – had only really just been skimming the goings on at API – classic scammer stuff and speech that was a nice sideline soap opera during that election thing they just did.

  3. The writing styles of Korir and several of his detractors are identical, which is not a shocker. Money and funding are seldom mentioned in legitimate blogsites. You can easily monetize your efforts without blatantly begging for ‘funding’.

    Sammy’s just trying to pick somebody’s pocket. Instead of an African Inheritance, it’s a political recording. Neither ever existed, but it sure caught on with the Hype that was this last election.

  4. Cartoon Pig Dog, on November 17th, 2008 at 2:10 pm Said:
    Yes, they are back, but I don’t think it will last. In case you didn’t catch all of the goings on at mountain sage, I was the one who actually got Sammy’s site closed down,
    Now aren’t you so proud of yourself, bragging on every wordpress site you can find to get your attaboy. Did you ever think about how badly you infringed on those posters’ right to free speech. Your terrorism and denigration of their view was abominable.

    I’m glad I don’t have to look at you in the mirror in the morning, and I am sad for all those posters over there who were clinging to hope and to one another for a little respect in their mourning. After all, they were all there to comiserate about the death of democracy. The high point is, you did give them a preview of what is to come courtesy of the Obamanots who will ravage our right to post, and deride our free speech.

    Attaboy, you are a cartoon, a pig and a dog.

  5. I had a wonderful time on that site, met lots of different posters and was making fun of the entire scam and getting banned several times to boot. I was banned for setting up an alleged gambling operation on the side in taking bets on the next date for the release, next topic for a news release, etc. Sorry to see them go, but a hopefully a dose of reality for those who were following him off the cliff. I just hope he didn’t get any of their money.

  6. Tripod killed him for TOS violation:

    But a Spoof is still alive, though. And it’s the only way to the official API chat right now.

    And . . . his WordPress sites came back today.

    Funny. Still no “tapes” though!

  7. Thanks for that update, Simon. It’s probably time for the folks at WordPress to learn a little more about Sammy.

  8. So I guess it’s time for the “Thought Police” to take action?

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