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    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. ------------------------------------ When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. ------------------------------------ The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. ------------------------------------ As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.
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Yes, we did.


Kids, I’m sorry.

We did something kind of stupid yesterday.

We refused to turn off our television two years ago.  Perhaps we should’ve.  Instead of making an informed choice based on fact, we allowed big business and the nation’s bankers to BUY our destiny. While we were too busy watching American Idol, we failed to witness the ‘politics as usual’ in the making.  By the time our attention was turned to the election, it was simply another, larger, American Idol contest.

We knew our electoral college scheme for electing a leader was flawed, yet we let it go on anyway.  We allowed the vote to continue even though millions in this country were turned away at the polls.  We failed to make sure that every single vote counts.

We elected someone based on image instead of qualifications.  We allowed hype, talk and promises to lead us off the straight and narrow path of accomplishments and dignity.

We believed the lies of ‘not accepting corporate donations’, as we watched this despot spend BILLIONS to buy the White House.

We re-elected those same Congressmen who, only weeks earlier, defied us and bailed out Wall Street.  When presented with the opportunity to change these leaders, we blindly voted for them instead of making intelligent, measured decisions.

We elected a man who finds no fault in picking your pocket to feed those who would rather live on welfare. We believed he would create jobs, when all he’s going to do is help our Welfare Society vacate them. We made it easier for our children to simply live off the sweat and efforts of others, and we’ve made it perfectly acceptable to do just that.  We’ve glorified the ignorance of a culture which encourages its members to do nothing but sit around the house, watch MTV and Oprah, and wait on the next payment from somebody else’s pocket.  We’ve allowed our young people to think it’s perfectly acceptable to do nothing, and to demand entitlements instead of being productive members of society.

We’ve rewarded the do-nothing attitude that has permeated our culture.  We elected a man whose single greatest accomplishment has been getting elected to public office as part of the Chicago Political Machine.

We elected a man whose past is a complete mystery to every thinking person on the planet.  We require more ID in this country to get a cable TV hookup than we’ve required of our President.

We allowed ourselves to get so hyped up that we took our political queues from Oprah Winfrey, Puff Daddy and Bill Maher.  We’ve constantly refused to look beyond that which entertains us.

We elected a man who has no regard for your privacy, personal liberty or freedoms.  We could see that this man clearly has no affinity for you, me, or anyone like us.  His words are of inclusion – his actions are of exclusion.

We elected a man whose racist views are second only to those of his wife.  We elected a man whose mother had an enormous hatred and loathing for her own race, and who even declined to raise her own children.

We elected a man whose connections to cabals and organizations who hate America and Americans are widely known.  Today, The Federal Reserve, CFR, TC, NWO, Bilderberg and others breathe a collective sigh of relief that they’re still in control.

We elected a man as our Commander-in-Chief who has never raised a hand in defense of our Country.  Soon, he will be raising YOUR hands in her defense, and those of your children.

Maybe we’ll get it right next time.


14 Responses

  1. I guess we can still believe in the Impeachment process!

    I figured we would get an old white man whichever way we looked…..how long before someone makes or plans another attempt on his life?

  2. Honestly, get over yourself. This blog is crap. Yes, the entire thing. Move on.

  3. Awwww, “Shannon”. Did ums hurt dey widdle biddy Obamaite feelings?

    Afraid of a little discourse, or are you taking the “It’s none of your business” approach?

    Signs of losing an actual argument:

    They try to shut you down.
    They say move on.
    They say whatever.

  4. [shrug] Hey we enjoy all opinions here, even the wrong ones. At least she read every single entry before declaring the whole thing crap. Even I haven’t done that yet.

  5. “Honestly, get over yourself. This blog is crap. Yes, the entire thing. Move on.”

    Somebody’s a bit pissy today. I’d be a little unhappy with myself too if I were still part of the herd of sheeple. ‘Baaaahhhhhh’ The truth hurts sometimes. Deal with it.

    If this blog is crap, it’s some of the best crap I’ve read! In fact, maybe it’s craptastic! 😛

    Mobi, you know you are doing good mister! Some people are just simply still in denial. We can only feel sorry for them.

  6. Oh and I forgot to add in one of these …

    xo.s 😉 MUAAAHHHH!!!

  7. Wow! You have a great panache for storytelling. Let’s look at some of your bogus claims: 1.) You’re still bitching about Barack’s birth certificate. I hate the corporate controlled media just as much as the other cynics. His birth certificate was found to be one from Hawaii and by law, must be cleared by the Federal Elections Commission. It also has been posted and reviewed by several independent websites. 2.) What’s wrong with Bill Maher? The guy is engaging and witty who you would probably agree with as someone who is a fellow Libertarian. 3.) It’s one thing to criticize someone, but you need to back it up. You say his victory is a victory for The Federal Reserve, other elite institutions, and in the same piece, you say he’s going to build a great Welfare Society. Where’s your concrete proof and evidence? Finally, he was raised by an agnostic mother who was ashamed of those who held prejudice views and practiced discrimination before her eyes. This doesn’t make her a self-hating white person. Yeah, the Muslims and terrorists are dancing in the streets. What’s the song of choice: Thriller? Margaritaville? John McCain’s “Bomb Iran?”

    It appears you are a xenophobic to say the least. Sorry. You should get out more and understand that people like you and Barack probably share many more commonalities than you’d like to think.

  8. Gosh. Sensitive Obamaites today, huh? Let’s review:

    Yep. Still bitching about the birth certificate that nobody has seen. The COLB he’s posted wouldn’t get you a driver’s license let alone a passport. $10 and a phone call would’ve settled it, and now that he’s headed back to Hawai’i, he can pick it up in person and save the phone call.

    Instead, he stonewalls. Why? Or is it that Messiah Obama agrees with the judge in the Berg case: It’s none of our business?

    Maher’s pro Obama (bad) and an entertainer who tries to push political influence (worse).

    Obama appealed to all the people who felt frustrated and just wants a nanny government to take care of them – they chant “Change” with their hand out….and he’ll fill it, a little. Even the Illuminati realize that a hardline stance isn’t going to work yet. They’re all about the soft sell.

    His mother? Actions speak volumes there.

    I’m hardly the xenophobe. As a matter of fact, I’ll venture to say that I’ve spent more time overseas working with people from all over Africa, Europe and Asia than our new commander-in-chief. MUCH more, actually.

    At least enough to know that Joe Muslim doesn’t give a shit about us one way or the other, so long as we stay out of his business. We just traded one domestic terrorist for another.

  9. No, I’m not sensive — critical and skeptical of your claims, yes. Birth certificate gate has been debunked. Bill Maher is a genius, like him or not. I hope you were sober on your worldwide travels. Yeah, his mother’s actions do speak volumes don’t they. She raised a brilliant son who had to dig himself out of the depths of poverty to become our next President. Maybe, you were born with the silver spoon. He is calling us to engage him which is just the opposite from your highly unlettered opinion. Messiah Obama? Hey, he can tell me when the world will end, so I’ll know if I need to pick up my dry cleaning this week. Finally, domestic terrorist? Thanks for the great laugh.

  10. PJ, you know we differ in this area. I love you loads but that doesn’t change that fact.

    Birth certificate gate has NOT, I repeat, has NOT been debunked. Mobi got me and several others with bringing to light the fact that he used an Indonesian passport in his twenties. You are only, by law, allowed to hold Dual Citizenship … meaning two. YOU CAN’T HAVE THREE!!!

    I don’t like the fact that Obama said he doesn’t want his middle name used. Why not? It was given to you at birth. *shrug*

    I wouldn’t go as far as using ‘genius’ and ‘Bill Maher’ in the same sentence. I used to be a big fan of his. I loved watching him. Now? Not so much. Not since he threatened a 9/11 Truther when he himself, said he thinks 9/11 was an inside job.

    I’m not cool with knowing the fact that Obama was a part of Reverend Wright’s congregation but saw nothing wrong with sitting there listening to his hate-filled ‘Sermons’ for over twenty years up until he was running for the seat of Commander-in-Chief. Not cool.

    There’s a lot more than meets the eye PJ. A lot of information you wouldn’t even know to look for is being uncovered by those who have been ‘woken up’, so to speak. I want to wake you and Thomas up so bad because I heart the two of you and I want you to know what is really going on. I want you to know what we are facing. What we are up against. This isn’t merely black and white, unfortunately there is a LOT of gray area to cover.

    Domestic terrorist? Yes. He has participated in some shady shit as much as you would like to not believe that. The information is out there … you just have to know what to look for.

    Obama is charismatic … but it doesn’t change the facts.

    If I’m wrong on any of this, I will gladly ‘man-up’ because I want to make sure that I am armed with the correct information. Just let me know. It’s the only way to learn in life.

    I love my boys and I’m glad we can all have a healthy debate about it.


  11. I honestly hope that the Obama fellators are right. After all, they are risking the fate of ALL of us on it.

  12. Skeptics and critics are what keep us all honest, no?

    Yes, CertiGate has been so debunked that it is NOW a matter before the United States Supreme Court. I see that now. $10 and a phone call could’ve settled it.

    His mother barely saw him after he was 10 years old. Although I understand many people believe that African Americans have had to dig themselves out of poverty. Many certainly have. Barack Hussein Obama is NOT one of those people. He attended Punahou School – that’s hardly poverty.

    Many of us will gladly engage him once he demonstrates to us that he is entitled to hold the office of President. We’ve gone from the likes of Adams and Jefferson to the ultimate Reality Television President. If that’s where we are, then that’s where we are – but we have a right to the truth.

  13. Ah, BudK, good point.

    Clinton only had one. Obama has MILLIONS.

    It’s the ultimate in Pimpdom. He has mobilized them very well, with Youth Leagues, maybe even throw in an Anti-Sex league for the Right. How long before an SS?

    LMAO Our Pimp President.

  14. Finally, A Zionist OREO cookie in charge, A good servant for the ZIONIST like most AMERICAN PRESIDENT CUNTS BEFORE HIM, what do you expect, OBAMA is NOTHING BUT A ZIONIST OREO COOKIE!

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