Tomorrow’s Vote

Concerned about political liberties in China, the reporter asked the Chinese Ambassador ‘When did you have your last election?’. The ambassador promptly replies ‘this morning, just before bleckfast’

So, tomorrow’s the big day.  Unless, of course, you’re an Obama supporter who TRULY wants to help this country.  If you are, then the big day comes Wednesday, when you should vote.  That’s the only thing you can do to truly have a positive impact on our country.

Me, I’m going to be planting land mines in my yard, putting up a brick and wire security fence, and buy a couple rottweilers.   I’ll replenish supplies early tomorrow morning, make a small run on the Bank of America to get some cash ($17.76 or so), come home and get some sleep before it’s my shift to keep watch.  I’ll have text alerts for “martial law”, “riots”, “election”, “global”, “antichrist” and “reversal” all set up to hit the Blackberry, and I’ll even dig the shortwave out of storage if I have enough time before the polls close.

Kidding, of course.  I have at least $35 in BOA, and I’d prefer German Shepherds for security.

BUT, as always, there are lights at the end of every tunnel.  A silver lining, if you will….

We’re gonna have MUCH more to talk about with this guy than any other candidate.  The muck behind the Reality TV star will unravel very quickly, and the trail of deceit will usher in one of the darkest hours in the life of our nation.  As truthers, it only affirms how badly our message needs to be spread.

That’s what we’ll be here doing, until it’s time to start over again.

Go out.  Vote early and vote often.  Then, get ready.


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