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Iraq for Sale

This is an excellent documentary which details the financial abuse the American Taxpayer is suffering at the hands of the United States Government by employing overpaid and indulgent contractors in Iraq.  It chronicles the BILLIONS of dollars in profits being made by those with very close ties to the political machine in Washington, DC.  If you think the economy is bad, watch this and become as outraged as the rest of us.

This horrendous spending will NOT STOP under either of the major candidates!!

An extended excerpt is shown below.  The movie runs on the Starz network occasionally, otherwise venture over to the website for the documentary and get your copy today.  Watch it with someone!


4 Responses

  1. It disgusts me that we are using mercenaries. It disgusts me that we are even in Iraq (or afghanistan for that matter). It makes me cringe to think that we are throwing lives away on both sides for a President’s ego.

  2. Thanks for the read and the video.

  3. endithinks … agreed.


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