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Where’s the Beef, Obama?

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Clara Peller, American Patriot and longtime Wendy’s Spokesperson, often asked us, “Where’s the Beef?”. Ironically enough, the advertising campaign that featured Clara asking this question was in 1984.

Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef?

Irrelevant, I know, but when was I ever accused of posting only relevant material?  I just thought it was kind of interesting.  Here’s another interesting question:

Why won’t Barack Hussein Obama produce an actual “Vault Copy” of his U.S. birth certificate?

Now, now, before the Mindless Obama Cult Members start in for Messiah bashing, let me just put my two cents of ‘credibility’ in here just for fun:

  • I was born in Hawaii myself, not too terribly long after Obama.  My birth certificate doesn’t look anything remotely like the thing he’s published as his ‘evidence’ that he’s a US Citizen. MY vault copy looks similar to this one, and lists the attending physician, hospital and other pertinent vital statistics…information which is verifiable and would serve to clear up any lingering doubts.
Sample Vault Copy Hawaiian Birth Certificate

Sample Vault Copy Hawaiian Birth Certificate

Here’s the Certificate of Live Birth (“COLB”) that the Obama campaign provides:

COLB Provided by the Obama Campaign

COLB Provided by the Obama Campaign

A lot of folks claim this certificate is a forgery or a fake – which I highly doubt.  It certainly appears to be a legitimate COLB, but it’s definitely not the ‘long form’ birth certificate filed by the hospital and/or physician in 1961.

While this copy might be good enough to get a driver’s license or passport, something much higher is at stake here. Many questions remain about Obama’s loyalties, citizenship and country of birth.  As you know, our Constitution only provides for ‘natural born’ citizens to have eligibility to become President.

  • I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Kenya, albeit during the late 1990’s – where folks were already talking about how proud they were of their hometown boy in the Illinois Senate – and have made several highly-placed friends there, with whom I still stay in touch.  The general word from them is that it’s almost common knowledge that Obama was actually born in downtown Nairobi.  Entirely possible that it’s more folklore than fact.  Some say he was born near Mombasa in Coast Province.  Still others claim it was somewhere else, or that he’s a citizen of Indonesia.  I’m not bothering to link many of these sites or (bizarre?) claims because a quick trip to Google will tell you all (or more than) you want to know about it.

The fact of the matter is that Senator Obama’s citizenship is reasonably in question, despite the fact that the Corporately-Controlled Mainstream Media refuses to cover it.  The simplest, most efficient way to dispel this ‘rumor’ is for Senator Obama to produce the vault copy of his Hawaiian Birth Certificate, if one exists.  Thusfar, in response to the two federal lawsuits (1, 2) which have been filed, all they’ve done is delay and spend a LOT of money in attorney’s fees instead of the couple of bucks it would cost to obtain the original.

Either way, Senator Obama, Where’s the Beef?

Updates:  Here and Here and Here and HereBerg v Obama Decision here.

Do you agree that he needs to confirm his eligibility to be President?  Demand it here!

In celebration of WordPress’s new polling feature, in addition to leaving comments, tell us what YOU think:


17 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I’m just getting started with my new blog. Would you want to exchange links on our blog-rolls?

    BTW – I’m up to about 100 visitors per day.

  2. OMG … I just got back from my Friday protest duties (yes, for now I’ve decided to continue) and my group friend took a picture in somebody’s yard that says ‘NOBAMA’!!!! lmao

    I told him he HAD to send it to me. HAD TO!!!

    Hope you’re good Mobi, tell Lloyd to get his ass on it! He’s slacking big time!!! 😉

  3. When I re-ordered a copy of my GA birth certificate, it was printed on a green piece of paper (like Oblamo’s), but it was a copy of my true certificate printed on that paper. My certificate is actually hand printed in my mothers handwriting, and of course has all of the information like yours does. My daughters is a typed form that was done in the hospital but it does have my signature on it. They include weight and length, term of pregnancy, number of pregnancys by my mother and live births, hospital name, doc’s signature – I mean, anything anybody wants to know about me is on that thing!!

    Anybody in their right mind knows that the crap Oblamo is trying to pass off as a certificate is a load. Thanks for posting your copy so people can compare the two.

  4. […] The Mobius Trip Enforcing your right to be Informed « Where’s the Beef, Obama? […]

  5. Thanks for this. I didn’t even realize the big deal about the certificate until I read your blog – didn’t put it together that he might not have been born in the US.

  6. […] Obama’s NOT eligible to become President? So, just for fun, let’s say that this Birth Certificate fiasco turns out to be something that prevents Senator Barack Hussein Obama from becoming or serving as […]

  7. I always knew there was something fishy with Obama. I think if this is ever resolved, it will put the “nail in his coffin”.

  8. So brah, weah and wen you wen grad? Radford, Leileihua?Maybe from Kaiser, Haole wood? I get da same green copy when I go down to request one copy.
    If you know anyting about Hawaii you know dat Obama’s Tutu wen raise him since he was 10, he went grad Punahou. Some Punahou alum include Steve Case of AOL, Michelle Wie, Kelley Preston (wife of John Travola) to name a few.
    You say you born Hawaii but you show no Aloha or wat is pono!
    Our Governor Linda Lingle is a Republican, addressed the RNC, and is currently stomping for John McCain. Wouldn’t it be a dereliction of her duty as an American, Republican, and an officer of the highest office in our state to not pursue this? Maybe because brah, no’moe meat for her to sink her teeth into. This issue is all shibai.

  9. I never claimed to be Hawaiian.

    I said I was born in Hawai’i – Tripler, in fact. Moved to the mainland when I was six months old, have been back twice as a tourist and as someone who has an enormous appreciation for the land, culture, and heritage of his birthplace.

    I’m PROUD to display my Hawaiian Birth Certificate in my home, and if the democrats ever nominate ME to be President, I’ll post it here for you to see.

    My first act as President would be to introduce legislation to return Hawai’i back to her people.

    It was blatantly and publicly overthrown by the United States and taken from her rightful Queen, and that is perhaps the single most repugnant and shameful event in the creation of these 50 United States.

    I know some Punahou Alumni personally. All of them privileged and successful. Tuition there isn’t cheap, IF you can get in. Just makes me wonder who financed young Obama’s education. The Stanleys were hardly wealthy, by his own claim.

  10. By the laws of the old Hawai’i you would be considered a Hawaiian citizen. My condolences that you weren’t raised here. I am certain that some of your world views may be different if you were. We aren’t without prejudices but I think we are more tolerent of others differences because of our many differences.
    One can get into Punahou through grants, athletic or academic scholarships, as did our mayor in to Iolani and Harvard.
    I hope that this Andy Martin turn up something so we can all put this issue to rest and concentrate on more important issues. Like whether Barry is a Muslim or a Christian. Aloha

  11. Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day. 🙂

  12. If Obama has nothing to HIDE, why is he organizing TRUTH SQUADS all over the country to stop citizens from asking questions. Why does he have the secret service show up on someone’s doorstep when someone expresses doubts about his eligiblity for president?

    http://www.kmov.com/video/topvideo-index.html?nvid=285793&shu=1 Article & Video (law enforcement truth squad)

    http://www.thecommunitypaper.com (Newspapers banned)
    http://www.lufkindailynews.com/search/content/news/stories/2008/10/07/secret_service.html (secret service visit)

  13. Over the last month (24/7), I, while diligently keeping an open mind, took on the arduous and sometimes challenging task of conducting my own intense research relating to each Presidential candidate’s background, as a means of educating myself prior to casting my vote. In the process of accomplishing my task, I have discovered that, although, both candidates seem to have skeletons in their closets, I continue to have more concerns about casting my vote for Sen. Obama, even though I am a registered democrat, due to my numerous unanswered questions relating to his background (e.g., who he really is, where he came from and, most important, what he stands for).

    Along with a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities, I also consider their honesty, integrity, character, judgment and moral values to be just as important, especially when I am casting my vote for a candidate that will be our next President and who, among other demanding duties and responsibilities, will also be charged with setting the example for all of us. Although, some of my previous candidate decisions have been proven to be wrong, which I am man enough to admit, they have not caused me to get disillusioned and will not stop me from making this and other educated Presidential candidate decisions.

    I am also concerned that, over the years, our society’s moral values seem to have hit rock bottom and, sadly, I attribute some of this to be a direct result of us electing individuals that, by their own actions, have been proven to have a gross lack of leadership skills, along with little or no moral values, which continues to negatively affect our image here at home, and, just as important, other countries around the world that expect us to set a positive example of a democratic society for others to follow.

    Electing a President that has a proven track record of having excellent leadership skills, which includes being honest and trustworthy, along with a transparent background, is a must for me. This was set in concrete after 44 years of experiencing the tragic results of electing individuals into leadership positions, who, upon being elected, have proven to have had hidden agendas prior to being elected into those positions.

    I believe that this happened mainly because, as candidates, they knowingly and purposely misled the public by promising everything under the sun, even if they, in their own hearts, knew that most of those promises were unachievable, along with making a concerted effort of not doing or saying anything that might rock the boat, which would subsequently raise too many eyebrows. These actions were put into place, solely, as a means of getting elected into a leadership position and, thereby, having the opportunity to put their hidden agendas into practice. The results of these actions usually ended up in negatively and permanently affecting other individuals, their families and major institutions (e.g., financial crises, fall of Enron etc.).

    On one hand, we have a candidate who’s actions have historically been transparent and, although he may not be an eloquent and charismatic speaker, he does have a proven track record of being honest and trustworthy. He also has a record of saying and doing what’s on his mind and in his heart, which includes being man enough to admit any and all mistakes and/or poor judgment decisions that he may have made in his long career as a public servant. All this without worrying about whether or not others may think less of him for doing so. And, most important, he consciously continues to make decisions and/or take actions that are considered to be in the best interest of his constituents.

    On the other hand, we have a candidate who’s personal/career actions have not been as transparent with a seemingly shady background, but comes across as being an extremely eloquent and charismatic speaker, who promises all of us everything under the sun and goes out of his way to say only those things that he knows his audience wants to hear, which in this case is the American public. (e.g., during his 30 minute infomercial he changed his tax breaks for those making less than $250,000 to $200,000?).

    Notes: Sen. Obama’s Infomercial Aired On 10/29/08, Did Nothing To Change My Concerns, It Actually Confirmed Them:

    Refer To CBS Reality Check, Which Supports Some of My Concerns:

    Lessons learned: recently, we have come to realize the results of what tragically happens when we, over the years, have elected individuals that tended not to be very transparent in their actions and have been proven to be less than honest and trustworthy after being elected by their constituents to serve in leadership positions.

    “During these desperate and difficult times, that most of us are experiencing, we need to keep our cool and vote with our minds/hearts and not our emotions.”

    With that being said, the following are a list of unanswered questions that have lead to my concerns about casting my vote for Sen. Obama:

    #1: Is It True That Sen. Obama Is NOT A Legal or Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America and Therefore Not Eligible To Be Our President?

    Law Suit Filled With The United States District Court For Eastern District of Pennsylvania On August 21, 2008, Requesting Legal Proof of Citizenship (e.g., Original (Vault) Birth Certificate With The State of Hawaii’s Official Seal etc.), Which, To Date, Has Not Been Provided.

    The Following Web Sites Relate To This Question:


    #2 Is Sen. Obama ready for the presidency?

    A Personality Profile of Barack Obama’s Leadership

    The National Ledger
    By Chuck Norris
    Oct 22, 2008

    Profile and Other Articles Are Contained In The Following Web Sites:

    Barack Obama Makes Shocking confession!!:

    The Obama Youth Revolution – Sing for Change:


    Obama Hitler Youth Style Brainwashing:

    The Following Article Further Supports My Concerns:

    Barack Obama, Forever Sizing Up

    New York Times

    Published: October 25, 2008

    Article Is Contained On The Following Web Site:

    The Following Are Quotes From This Article:

    “But in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama would have a new set of deficits. Just 47 years old and only four years into a national political career, he has never run anything larger than his campaign. He began his run for president while he was still getting lost in Washington, a city he does not yet know well. His promises are as vast as his résumé is short, and some of his pledges are competing ones: progressive rule and centrist red-blue fusion; wholesale transformation and down-to-earth pragmatism.”

    “Barack Obama’s lowest moment as a community organizer in the 1980s came when he brought the executive director of the Chicago Housing Authority to Altgeld Gardens, a decrepit housing project, to hear complaints about asbestos. Seven-hundred residents grew restless waiting for the tardy director. When he finally appeared, the meeting grew so raucous that the director fled after 15 minutes, to chants of “No more rent!”

    “Mr. Obama’s message of change can be hard to pin down, and he has spent his entire career searching for the right way to fulfill his desire for broad social renewal. First he became a community organizer, thinking change would flow from citizens upward; then he tried the law, which, as he learned from teaching legal history, was a highly imperfect instrument. Since then he has set his sights on changing government institutions, one higher than the next. Even in the Senate, he told a reporter, it was possible to have a career that was “not particularly useful.”

    “Critics have used the Rezko incident to question Mr. Obama’s reputation as a reformer, to argue he has few core beliefs. They cite a proposal he made in the Senate for stringent reporting requirements concerning nuclear plant leaks, which he then softened after Republican colleagues and energy executives complained. The bill died in committee. Or the time he joined a bipartisan coalition on immigration reform but backed away when labor groups protested. That legislation collapsed, too.”

    BOTTOM LINE: If my concern is, in fact, proven to have MERIT, which, tragically, the American public may NOT even find out until after this election is over and done with, all I can hope and pray for is that my concern is unfounded and, if it is NOT: Good Bless Our United (Not Divided) States of America.

    “Food For Thought”

    Have A Great Day!








  15. Great Post

    Sandesh Bhat

    [Edited to remove gratuitous advertisement for a non-related website. Nice try, dickhead.]

  16. Obama’s Inauguration Speech: Where is the Beef ?

    Farhat maquami

    OBAMA should have started the speech by declaring that Bush’s “War on Terror” is over and we are starting a new Era of “Mission for Peace, Hope and Prosperity”. we can start a mission for Peace by people who have internalized Terror by six years of propaganda. Like Plato’s “allegory of the Cave” they have to be liberated from the scary shadows in order to “believe in change”.
    Well, my fellow Americans, the day of scare tactics is over, set your mind free and lets liberate the world by Peace not War; by empathy not by terror! Bush administration has used every instrument of terror and torture to find those who terrorized us and since they have not found any evidence, any legally acceptable confession I would end the War on Terror and declare the Closure of Guantanamo , Gandoz and Abo Ghareib Prisons and emancipation of all 25000 who are held without charge in US custody. He did not!

    Obama’s inauguration expense of more than $170 million dollars, in the middle of recession, produced less than Johnson Inaugural of 1.2 million crowd, with less expense!. Yet the mountain of fan fair, and money, Hollywood celebrities and publicity produced a disappointing mouse! Rick Warren gave more hope to the religious right and Neo-Cons than Obama’s disappointing and colorless speech.
    Obama has the makings of a great tele-prompter reader-orator, but his inaugural speech was not a great speech, unlike his stump speeches. It was well-delivered, but it consisted of no new themes and rhetoric. It was full of refurbished conservative ideas of self-help, and no solid economic plans to address directly our economic, social and Global crisis. No economic plans for the country, and to end to Bush’s War on Terror. More troops to fight Bush’s Mythical Enemy in Afghanistan. Simply throwing 2 trillions dollars to the Bankers and 350 billion tax cut to the consumer is a joke not an economic plan. Consumers do not spend money because they don’t have jobs, not because they don’t want to spend!

    Obama’s Mountain of hope produced a disappointing and fearful mouse! Wall Street has dropped more than 500 points because they saw no hope for real Change! Even after Obama got his wall Street 350 billion and 750 billions of “giveaway” Bail-out money, more in TARP money, and promised them 1. 3 trillion dollars of extra expenditure for road, bridges, infrastructures and Green Jobs to nowhere.
    As he was speaking instead of hope they saw despair and dumped their stocks because any one with economic 101 knows that borrowing from China to buy Chinese and Mexican industrial products and filling Wal-Mart with cheap goods at the expense of American jobs would lead to 13 trillion Dollars National Debt by the end of 2009, that in combination of budget deficit, Balance of Trade deficit would bring this great nation to its knees.
    We need factory Jobs, technological jobs and export goods jobs. What we don’t need a superficial service jobs. Did he say anything about this no.

    Instead of declaring that Bush’s Policies, which has brought disrepute to the ideal’s of this nation would be abandoned, he complemented Bush.
    Instead of declaring to the world that Never again he would permit the leaders of this nation take us to the wrong war by lies and deceits and declaring to the world that we follow Human Rights and respect supremacy of truth in our conducts, he sat down Collin Powell in front row and defended militarism.
    Instead of declaring , never again America would torture innocent human beings, and he has ordered his Justice department to prosecute anyone who has violated the international laws, he praised Bush. Instead of declaring to the world that never again America would keep silent while its military arsenals are being used to destroy 22000 houses in Gaza and murdering more that 1200 women and children and more than 6000 seriously wounded, in the Biggest Concentration Camp in history, he could have said he would try to bring peace to Palestinians and end their carnage!
    No, for 24 days he kept silent and still is waving his Israeli flag, not thinking what is good for the United States must take preference over the interest of another nation.. We need markets for our products and 1.5 Billion Muslims would be our customers, only if we show the olive branch. The president must be the greatest salesman for America and he failed to get their attention.
    He Brought Rick Warren to give him credence among other neo-Christian rights and letting him to make a sale’s pitch for his Neo-Con’s agenda that has taken us to the road to economic devastation; but did not make a sale’s pitch for the American blacks and impoverished.

    Yes, made conservative happy now that they know one of their own is the White House and under the “Black Skins there is White Mask” ; they are happy to see that all old Civil Rights leaders are going to the “quite house”, where he sent Reverent Wright. But the question is not about individual achievement via Charter Schools and parental guidance; but via a society that give all black Americans and other minorities a chance, the same chance we give to all new immigrants, like Barak Obama!.
    He is a great Achiever and he knows Black Americans psychology, so he wants to keep them happy by his rhetorical lesson of success; but his lesson as a son of Kenyan, has nothing to do with black history and how the American society should uplift them. Afro-American psychological happiness with him actually is counterproductive. That is why many Neo-cons are celebrating the end of Al Sharpton, jessie Jackson and others old Civil Right leaders; but, Civil Rights movement would not die and must regroup and do not permit individual achievement of blacks cloud their group oppression.

    .In Contrast to vividness of Obama, the speech was unusually dull, abstract and lacked any reference to people or situations in the present. The concepts, and the argument on which the speech hung was lifeless. They were neither original nor compelling.

    Nothing in the speech rings true!. From America’s success in the past was based on people who “struggled and sacrificed and worked.” he concludes that “ What we need now is a “new era of responsibility.” What does it mean? It means Bush and Co. did nothing wrong; but we the people, as powerless as we were, are the reason for our troubling economy. Our generation is at fault. Now we have to start changing our behavior. Nothing about FISA , that he voted for , nothing about the fabricated War on Terror, that has scared us from our own shadows; nothing about extra-ordinary renditions; nothing about lies to get us into the War; nothing about the cost of war that he voted for it every time Bush asked; nothing about stopping the war now to stop bleeding, but we are in trouble now is because the present generation has acted irresponsibly. Is that really at the heart of America’s difficulties at home or in the world? It has the ring of Neo-Cons Biblical prophecies, but not of grain of truth.

    There were subsidiary themes that seemed ill-suited to the occasion. Obama declared we need to end “the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.” Yes, fine, but again: Does that get at the problem now? Is Obama facing partisan warfare? Is Washington deeply divided? It may become so, but nothing suggest that this is a critical problem. Unless he wants to take the party to the right and he feel that he might see opposition from Congress and Civil Rights leader.

    Obama did not say anything about the nature of challenges facing us. Or he said is:” Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred,”! This is nonsense! Our nation is at war with people who love us but hate their own oppressive government. There is no danger from Al Quaeda or Hamas , even after 5 years of torture in variety of torture chambers the CIA, Bush administration, Justice department , FBI investigation, Military Kangaroo courts have not produced one legally acceptable confession or a real culprit for 911 attack on us! It seems the danger posed by Al Qaeda is reminiscent of George W. Bush and his fabricated “war on terror”. Obama and the country clearly face grave problems overseas; but they can’t be reduced to a “far-reaching network.” So what on hell he is talking about!

    The economic crisis? “Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.” Greed? Yes, but greed condoned and encouraged by government. Hard choices? What does these refer to? Few people getting sub-prime loan!? Auto companies making the wrong cars? Obama doesn’t say anything of substance!

    He could have declared the reality that our economy is wrong because of greedy Bankers who invested and lost their investment. Of Israeli and Wall street commodity brokers who in collusion with media , artificially increased the price of oil 5 times its worth pocketed the difference and transferred their money into foreign places. If the whole world has lost these trillions of dollars one would ask were did all these money that they scammed go, into the black hole , as Obama wants us to believe or in the pocket of the Wall street bankers and brokers that Obama wants to “Bail-out”!

    The shallowness of his diagnosis is obvious, that is why he had lost his Mojo. His diagnosis dooms his supposed treatment of our economic problems. He is trying to shift the burden to the powerless people not the leaders who led them to the economic suicide. It was our leaders not the led who took us to this economic suicide mission, called depression. Why did he cover-up facts and blend them with fantasy? It is up to us to unmask him and force him to follow the “Change we Can Believe in” and move towards a progressive direction!

  17. Obama ‘s Birth Certificate!
    It is very funny that suddenly Republicans, even in the Senate. are asking this question now! Why everybody was silent on this question including Sean Hannity and Fox news!

    It is not really important to ask if Obama was born in in Kenya, also this is a valid question. No country on earth would permit that; but only in America anything is possible!

    What is more important is the fact that those who put Obama in power and those who knew his problem before are equally culpable to put a man in the White House that can be attacked from any direction and therefore could be held hostage by his stringholders.
    IF OBAMA’S GRAND MOTHER HAS INDICATED THAT THE MAN WAS BORN IN Kenya, it easily could be verified, just send an investigative report there and you might be able to come with a witness!
    Then, they can send another reporter to discover how did Obama register in the schoo and how his poor mother introduced him to the school and under what nationality and passport!
    Then they can send somebody to Colubia College and find out why his days in Columbia college are not mentioned anywhere!
    Of course there should really discover that how Rezco’s wife donated a million dollar land to Obama and why? Specially when Governor Blogo is fired just for talking about horse trading without trading anything! How did Obama got a million dollar land from Rezco, become really a question!!

    That is why Obama who was elected to Change Bush’s policy is following his path blindly. Helping the Bankers, sending more troops to Afghanistan, his Memos on torture, THOUSANDS OF prisoners in Afghanistan and much more!
    He is even trying very hard to help the same Banks that Bush helped and buy their shares. That is Socialism for the rich!!
    NOW Obama wants to fiscally responsible while presiding over a budget that is trillion dollars in deficit, billions of Negative Balance of Trade, and spending to trillion dollars borrowed money in a spending frenzy! That is a Joke!
    Our economy is being pushed over the Cliff and instead of reversing the policies which led us to this disaster like War, spending, exporting our technology and Capital out side and destroying our manufacturing base we are going to spend more! What a Farce!

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