Desperate to win, Obama plays his own race card.

CNN’s Campbell Brown decries it.  Media outlets scream it from the rafters.

It’s the issue du jour in this abomination which has become the U.S. Presidential Election.  Suddenly, if you’re planning to vote against Barack Hussein Obama, you’re a racist.

According to the yellow leftist Corporately-Controlled Mainstream Media, a vote for McCain or somebody other than their friend Obama is akin to donning your KKK robes and cross-burning.

The media, of course, fails to point out that a vote against this Friend of Bill (Ayers, not Clinton), could not possibly be for any of the following simple, valid, verifiable reasons:

  • As a child, he was sent by his mother from Muslim-dominated Indonesia to Hawaii, to live with his grandparents.  His own website is very slim in explaining his formative years, but they do admit “They didn’t have much money”.  How, then, was this 10 year old child enrolled in Punahou School in Hawaii, one of the most expensive private schools in the nation?  This question has never been answered in the media or by Obama himself.  At school, Obama was surrounded by the island’s richest and most accomplished students.  This hardly describes anyone who proclaims themselves to be from ‘the streets of Chicago’, and along with his Harvard education, sets him apart from 99.9% of ‘regular’ Americans.
  • He’s been a US Senator for less than 4 years.  Of that 4 years, he’s been working on becoming elected to the U.S. Presidency for the last two years….and yet continues to collect a paycheck from the taxpayer.  This not only makes him highly inexperienced in national politics, it makes him every bit as ethical as Sarah Palin.
  • By most accounts, his fledgling, early political career was launched in the living room of William Ayers, an admitted, unrepentant domestic terrorist.  Ayers’ Weathermen were blatantly responsible for numerous bombings and murders INSIDE the US during the last 4 decades.  Would you vote for him if, instead of Ayers’ living room, he instead was chummy with, say, Timothy McVeigh?
  • Despite his admitted talent for giving a good speech and being elected to public office (which is the only real achievement this man can point to over his brief career – and that’s not even a National achievement), he consistently fails to answer any direct questions about anything with any type of detail.  He’s the ultimate panderer and pacifier of the masses.
  • His pastor and mentor for decades, Jeremiah Wright, is clearly a racist in his own right, and obviously hates America.  It took the pressure of the entire Media complex for Obama to openly repudiate this man – and he still hasn’t done that to the satisfaction of most Americans.
  • His ‘marketing machine’ is admittedly brilliant.  They’ve turned ‘Voting for Barack’ into a social statement and status symbol which is supposed to make you young, hip, popular, progressive and ‘with it’.  It almost makes you wonder if the production crew at American Idol aren’t moonlighting during the off-season.  They won’t bother to tell you that voting for someone with so little actual substance is also irresponsible and juvenile – just like voting for ‘The Next American Idol’.
  • When he HAS been doing his Senate job, he’s been consistently voting for bills like the Bailout – bills which do absolutely nothing for the American Taxpayer, and which put YOUR money back into the pockets of firms like Goldman Sachs, Citicorp and JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.  Oddly enough, these are three of his largest campaign contributors, with Goldman Sachs being the largest of them all.  If that’s not evidence of huge conflict of interest, corruption and downright unethical behavior, I don’t know what is.
  • He doesn’t even posses the intestinal fortitude to openly disclose his obvious alliances.  In June, he ditched the entire media pool following him in order to make an appearance at the 2008 meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Chantilly, VA.  If you know anything about this shadowy group at all, you know they do NOT have the best interests of the American Taxpayer at heart.  His Globalist views are completely in line with the objectives of the Bush family.
  • He hasn’t held an actual job for more than 5 years, and that is only applicable if you consider being a lawyer an actual job.  Most Americans tend to rate Lawyers at the same level they rate Used Car Salesmen and Pawnbrokers.
  • He’s arrogant.  A presidential candidate who would allow a faux Presidential Seal to be used in connection with his campaign lacks the humility needed to lead our nation back to a position of morally high ground.

No, America, this isn’t about race, nor should it be.

It’s also not about popularity or media hype.  This is about a man who isn’t even qualified to be a United States Senator – a job at which he hasn’t even had the decency to become proficient.  A man whose reputation is based solely on the Chicago Political Machine , in a town which has produced such landmarks as Al Capone, Richard Daley, the Chicago Democratic Machine, the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

It’s about a privileged, educated, slick and disarmingly charming man who has been elected to his current position by people like himself: bankers, corporations and special interests.  Now he wants you to believe that he’s a regular American, and will look out for YOU, the American Taxpayer.  His political machine wants you to believe that the popular thing to do in this election is to “Vote Obama”.

If it’s that important to you, go ahead.  Put up the signs and the bumper stickers.  Proudly proclaim your Obama-ism to the world.  Tell the polling companies that you’re voting for Obama, like most folks are doing.  Be part of that ‘in’ crowd.  Just remember one thing:

When you draw the curtain in that voting booth on November 4, nobody but YOU will know which button you pushed, and nobody has to know the truth.  That’s the beauty of the secret ballot.

If you have kids, grandchildren or anyone else for whom you’d like to see a viable future, do the right thing:  Vote AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama.  Your secret’s safe with us – come November 5, we’ll help you cover your tracks, and you can be as outraged as the rest of the ‘popular’ people.

In Truth, I am,



7 Responses

  1. This is why my website refutes these nonsensical character assasinations that lowers our discourse. First, read Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” and yes, it was inspired by that anti-American, racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Second, it was Frederick Douglas who once said that we should praise our country’s blessings and rebuke its sins. Third, Thomas Jefferson, America’s author, said dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I challenge you to present a clear, distinct case where you can separate John McCain’s policy positions from George W. Bush. What attracts you to McCain who hasn’t worked across the aisle in any major form of legislation since 2003.

    Barack Obama co-sponsored one of the biggest domestic and foreign policy bills with Conservative Sen. Dick Lugar, The Non-Proliferation Act that prevents nuclear weapons from getting into the hands of terrorists and rogue leaders while requiring nuclear waste safe storage. He has worked with Republican Sen. Cornyn on bills like COPS that unlike the Bush administration, sends modernized resources to major cities’ public safety departments. Communication equipment was sorely needed during 9/11 and this administration has allocated much of Homeland Security funds to small communities who clearly don’t face any threats.

    So, this election isn’t about race, although dopes like Campbell Brown continue raising the issue. This is about ideas and listening to America’s problems, not dictating solutions. We’ve seen how well that’s worked out these past eight years and six of eight with a Republican-controlled Congress. Oh, and this so-called Do-Nothing Congress, Republicans issued a record number of filibusters last year (Congressional Quarterly). I’d move beyond the mudslinging that Obama attended a church by a Rev. who was videotaped for nearly 4,000 sermons, and a man who was a terrorist when Obama was eight-years-old. Oh, the underlying elitism is laughable. McCain and his wife own eight homes (something McCain couldn’t answer to a reporter), while Obama owns one. I guess marrying a beer distribution heiress does have its benefits. Let’s hear your straight talk on how great of a leader Scatterbrain McCain will make, considering he’s changed his views on fixing this economy literally a few times in one day. He’ll continue the massive deregulation policies that has gotten us in this mess. Wake up to reality, my friend (as McCain would say).

  2. Ah. As my professors used to tell me, you’ve gotta read the whole story to get the moral. McCain won’t do any better than Bush, he’ll be WORSE:

    That might give you some insight into where my twisted logic is going.

    In the condition of our country at present, given the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and the FISA bill(s), we’re ALL terrorists in one form or another. Given that, if truth = character assassination, then so be it.

    I see little difference in pointing out Obama’s questionable past versus the number of houses John McCain’s wife owns. Even if they were both down to one apiece, I’m quite sure that those houses would be far above and beyond what most folks have nowadays – and I’m certain that even now, they’re far out of proportion for the value they bring to the table. C’est la vie…they’re both ‘elite’ and both far more interested in doing their masters’ bidding than serving the American People.

    Bush has destroyed our country, but it’s been a culmination of corruption since the days of LBJ….which is only as far back as I’m willing to go. McCain will only continue the poor policies exponentially – which, with some luck, will give rise to 1960-70’s type demonstrations, revolts and uprising. In short, it can be the catalyst to effect REAL change – not just the smarmy type of pacification which Obama preaches from his lectern. So far, I’m pretty sure nobody’s come up with a fix for our economy, the pressing issue at present – and although I’m no Harvard grad, I’m pretty sure that throwing money at the problem (while cutting taxes! yay!) isn’t going to get it done. They both tend to say what people want to hear, and both are ignoring the hard facts that it’ll get worse before it gets better, as history has taught us.

    So….if you were looking for someone to defend John McCain, you’ve come to the wrong place. LoL.

    I simply see him as a tool (!) to effect the kind of change we need. Were Ron Paul viable and running this time around, (or even Hillary Clinton for that matter), it would be a pretty simple matter to wipe the floor with Mr. Obama in pretty much every area: judgment, experience, policy, character and demeanor. Definitely won’t even try to go there with McCain – at times I honestly believe he’s trying to THROW the election. Palin?!? (scratches head)

    Either way, I wouldn’t be happy with another ‘redistribution of wealth’ administration. I’ve got a fundamental issue with ANYBODY who wants to put their hand in my pocket for their own legitimate needs; idiotic government programs are just that much more of an intrusion into the fruits of my labor.

    Thanks for the well-put comments – nobody has to agree, but I think that we all benefit from understanding the various perspectives at play here.

  3. You made some good points. However, Ron Paul and Hillary presented their cases to us, and they blew it. Paul’s rock star persona and complete Mr. Government-is-the-end-all-be-all of our problems is misleading to say the least. When a potential leader has lived and proposes policies that will benefit the least among us, that draws my vote and really how I define a true democracy; one that fends for the least among us.

  4. LMAO I’m not sure we can call Ron Paul a rock star….but most of his followers are definitely the Rock Stars of the Revolution. Last I checked, he held a very successful, contributor-paid, debt-free rally despite the fact that he was completely out of the race. I think if we’re going to term Dr. Paul a rock star, then the Mile-High-Stadium, greek column fiasco for Obama was akin to the coming of the Messiah.

    Without caucus, popularity or corrupt corporate backers, Ron Paul galvanized a return to the values that Adams and Jefferson (John and Thomas, NOT Don and George) set before us so very long ago. A work in progress, we’ll try to follow his lead and work from within the system as it stands, although I’m not very optimistic about the approach. 2012 will bring us a little closer, and if I had to peek into the crystal ball I’d say that, barring further Bush-like catastrophes, 2016 may very well usher in a new era of Liberty and Freedom for all of us. If it’s not already too late, that is.

    Hillary didn’t blow it – the precise moment the primaries were lost for her came when they disenfranchised millions of voters in Michigan and Florida. It was something directly out of Rove’s playbook – makes me wonder why more folks don’t see that there truly is no red and blue anymore – they’re all purple. Had the DNC embraced very basic principles of democracy instead of playing fast and loose with completely arbitrary scheduling rules, we’d have a very different Democratic nominee.

    I’m not a huge Hillary fan at all, but she does get extra entertainment points for bringing Bill along. Hopefully 18 million of her voters will notice what’s become blatantly obvious – neither she nor her hubby much care for our next American Idol.

    Damn this public school education! I always thought that a democracy meant one person, one vote, and all votes were equal – goes along with the notion that we all reap rewards according to that which we have sown. Then again, I’ve always found it inherently dangerous for a national government to control the education of its children – far too much vested interest in creating a complacent workforce. Much better if we leave that sort of thing to the states and communities who fill those schools with their own children.

    Stay tuned – I do have one rather nagging question which is actually not a partisan one, but one which should appear here at some point today or tomorrow, and one to which the American People deserve a very direct answer!

    Thanks for the comments! Wouldn’t it be great if the opposing candidates, instead of debating each other, could debate citizens such as ourselves? I’ll rock-paper-scissors you for the easy one – McCain’s not all that quick on his intellectual feet. 😉

  5. Well, I certainly agree with you on the Rove-style attacks that did disenfranchise voters in Florida and Michigan. In both cases, the states share the blame. Florida’s governor and legislature (Republican-controlled) voted to move up the primary. Either way, Michigan appeared to be headed for Obama and Florida for Hillary. So, Obama would’ve still been ahead, but once again, I agree it threw our democracy into shambles.

    I don’t think Jefferson would condone Paul’s seething disdain for public services and programs. Jefferson taught at a Christian-based school before coming to the realization there should be a clear separation of church and state. Public education is a stepping stone for dealing with all backgrounds, although some areas are culturally limited on that front. When we talk about social programs, everyone opposes them until it directly affects them — V.A., mental and soical services, etc.

    Thanks for the engaging dialogue. I’ll stay tuned for your next post. And yes, I’d love to see candidates tackle difficult questions by citizens who aren’t in a controlled environment. So, we seem to agree more than we disagree. Finally, I’d love to see our public schools become more humanitarian-based. They lean toward a mindless, corporate-based culture that promotes fashion and trends. This distracts the learning process for many. I’ve experienced this firsthand.

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