What’s in a Name?

John SIDNEY McCain and Barack HUSSEIN Obama

I got really annoyed at CNN’s Campbell Brown’s commentary on the use of Senator Obama’s full name.  She claims that the use of the Senator’s middle name, Hussein, is race-baiting.

In part, she says,

Race-baiting doesn’t have to be and yet it is happening in this campaign. Twice this week, surrogates for Republican candidate Sen. John McCain have made a point of calling Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Barack “Hussein” Obama.

The implication here is clear. It’s foreign sounding. It’s Muslim sounding. It’s un-American sounding. It’s dangerous-sounding. What it is, is race-baiting. And that is what is dangerous.

Are you kidding me?  You CAN’T be serious.  “Foreign sounding”?  “Muslim sounding”? “un-American sounding”?  “dangerous-sounding”?  Are you honestly trying to tell us that using this man’s legitimate middle name, Hussein, is race-baiting and all these other terms aren’t even a smidge racist?

It’s his NAME.  He ought to be PROUD of it.  Embrace his difference from us, if you will.  Isn’t this the kind of “Change” he’s been trying to sell us?  Now all of a sudden his NAME is off-limits to everyone?

Perhaps it’s YOUR fault, CNN, for the way you plastered Saddam HUSSEIN’s name, image and visage on everything you could for years.  Perhaps, then, the Corporately Controlled Media in our country might just have something to do with the way we all react when we hear that name.

Then, she goes on to say,

Inciting crowds, encouraging their angry outbursts, McCain supporters shouting “treason” and “terrorist” about Obama at these rallies — that’s dangerous. Earlier in the campaign, McCain denounced this stuff. He strongly denounced it. And today it requires a stronger response, a much stronger denunciation than a campaign-generated paper statement.

Perhaps they’re shouting those things about the Bailout bill.  Or about the fact that he’s Bilderberg-cozy.  CFR-affiliated.  Hell, they might’ve been shouting those same things at McCain for the same reasons.  Why do YOU automatically make the connection between this man’s name, Campbell, and terrorism?  Why is is Racist? If we invoke the name of John SIDNEY McCain, does that mean we’re labeling him a dork?

While you think about that, and I look up Dr. Freud’s phone number for you, let’s see what else you had to say:

But let’s also be careful here and use our heads. Some Obama supporters on the left are up in arms over something McCain said at the debate Tuesday night — when he referred to Obama as, “that one.”

McCain: It was an energy bill on the floor of the senate, loaded down with goodies. Billions for the oil companies. And it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it? Might never know. That one.

Some people have interpreted that comment as having racial undertones. Give me a break.

I can hear my grandfather talking about one of his kids or grandkids as “that one.” He used it a lot. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Maybe it wasn’t a term of endearment the way it was when my grandfather used it. Maybe McCain did mean to be disrespectful. But racist? I don’t think so.

My turn now, Campbell.  Give ME a break.  How old are you, twelve?  Anybody our age has folks in their family from McCain’s generation, and many of them still hang on to references and phrases from their ‘heyday’.  Was it a dismissive comment?  Absolutely.  Disrespectful?  You betcha.  Appropriate?  Given the subject, you’re damn right it was appropriate.  McCain simply showed his disdain for the idea of a Reality TV Celebrity becoming the next President, and he let it show.  I might not have been quite so kind.

Was it a racist comment?  It likely has its roots in racism, sure.  But the term is simply dismissive, and nothing more.  Only to the Massive Hoardes of Mindless Obama Cult Members, whose new tact is to play the race card for whatever it’s worth, is it racist.  Glenn Beck, one of your colleagues at CNN (and from whom you could learn an awful lot), wrote an excellent commentary on the topic.

Apparently, if you’re not voting for Obama, according to the MOCM’s, it’s because he’s “black”….and that means you’re a racist.

That, of course, negates any OTHER reasons that people might not vote for Obama:

  • He’s going to spend TONS of money on good stuff for all of us, AND is going to lower taxes.  Is that the new Harvard Math? FAIL
  • His single biggest political achievement, to date, is being nominated to the Presidency. FAIL
  • If he filled out his tax forms properly, under “Employment” he would’ve put “being elected to public office”. FAIL
  • He’s associated with the Council on Foreign Relations AND has strong ties to The Bilderberg Group….like every good Globalist should have.  For now, we’ll pass on his ties to racist ‘pastors’ or ‘openly unrepentant violent domestic terrorists’.  Seems like overkill when there are so many other good reasons for avoiding this man on election day. FAIL FAIL FAIL
  • He’s a brand-new Senator – one who has spent the majority of his term trying to – oops – be elected to yet another Public Office. FAIL FAIL

Yes, there are going to be MILLIONS of Americans who vote against Obama because he’s “black”.  But there will be millions more who vote against him because we simply dislike his lack of experience for the Presidency, his arrogance, his obvious anti-American ties to (insert your favorite here), and his questionable allegiance to the average citizens of our country.

His vote on the Bailout, along with McCain’s, is conclusive proof of that last little bit, and is at the very top of a long list of reasons why ‘that one’, Barack HUSSEIN Obama won’t get my vote this year.

In truth, I am,



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  1. I would think that HUSSEIN would be the very LAST name Obama would be worried about being called. There are LOTS worse – like Globalist, Elitist, Bilderberger, and…..of course….the N-Word: “not”, i.e. NOT gonna be President.

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