Let’s go ahead and get this over with….

If you’ve read any of my other columns, you know it’s difficult for me to hide my utter disdain for either of the ‘two’ Presidential Candidates – John Sidney McCain and Barack Hussein Obama.  I think that they both represent the Bilderberg-laden interests of those who would continue to enslave the American people, and I’m not likely to change my mind on any of that.

Now, a lot of people will tell you that a vote for anyone OTHER than one of these is a ‘wasted’ vote.  Others would tell you differently, saying that it’s a way of making a statement.  I’m not 100% sure either of these perspectives is meaningful anymore, and here’s why:

It’s the day after the election, and somebody won.

President John Sidney McCain

Right now, let’s say that McCain won.

Were votes properly counted?  Who got disenfranchised, AGAIN?  Plaintive wails from the populace of ‘Election Fraud’.  Cries of “Foul!” from every corner of America.  We all know that regardless of who wins, these will be the headlines on November 5th.

More “Bush”.  People become enraged.  They enact the draft.  We send more troops into Iraq.  We send even MORE into Afghanistan.  We start looking sideways at Iran.  Haliburton and Exxon profits skyrocket.  Gas surges to $6 a gallon, when you can find it.  Sarah Palin says something (doesn’t much matter what).

Finally, the economy REALLY tanks (just look at what the Dow has done since that wonderfully costly ‘bailout’) and people RISE UP.  Dare we say Revolution?  Possible martial law.  FEMA Camps?

Disastrous – but we WOULD win this.  It’s the basic spirit of Americans to rise up against such tyranny, and despite what you may think you know about those who love Liberty and Freedom, we’ve got the rest of you sheep outnumbered.  Just so you know.

President Barack Hussein Obama

Would the same thing happen if Obama were elected?  I don’t think so.  I’m just afraid that Obama and all his pandering will only further serve to pacify people…..and that will result in no real change.

Obama’s going to spend a lot of money on some essentially okay things, but he also says he’s going to lower taxes.  Nobody with a brain can possibly believe you can do both.  Nobody ever has.  Nobody ever will.  That’s just not possible in our culture, our society, and ESPECIALLY with the way our Monetary System works.

The economy simply will not allow it. If anybody KNOWS that to be true, it’s Mr. Barack Harvard Obama.  Yet he sings both songs like Marvin Gaye, pandering to the voters, telling them whatever they want to hear in order to get elected.  This isn’t his first time on the election dance floor, and if nothing else, that man has proven that he is a master of getting elected.

The worst possible thing that could happen in this country right now is for it’s citizenry to become pacified.  We’re already apathetic, but at this cusp in our history, many have shed the apathy.  To pacify the masses right now would simply slow, stall and even reverse any actual positive change.  Our liberty and well being has been a virtual tug of war – freedom versus tyranny – since the day we landed here and set up shop.

Now that we’ve actually started to gain some ground, it’s more important now than ever before that we continue our vigilant efforts.  Obama says that he is for change, but the fact of the matter is that his changes will simply lull us back into pacified complicity.

The debates – they’re a distraction, without question.
The question is, what are we being distracted FROM?

The Presidential Debates are nothing but the Election Year’s version of American Idol, folks.  Everyone knows that Obama is far more personable on-screen than McCain, and that he is a wonderfully gifted orator.  In case you have to go look that up, an ‘orator’ is someone who talks.  Fitting, I think.  Anyway…..

I actually didn’t even watch that last debate, and probably won’t watch it or any others.  It’s pointless, and unless you watch them on CSPAN and then turn off the TV, the good people in our Corporately Controlled Mainstream Media will TELL you what to think about them, usually starting before the final hand-shake has been finished at the end of the debate.

Pandering to the camera ought not be a Presidential sport OR requirement.  Our best Presidents were the ones who managed to run the country away from the cameras….and they have gotten worse ever since.

Every time I see those two plastered all over the screen anymore I have to wonder what it is they’re trying to distract us from noticing?  Same with the global market taking a dive.  US Troops being activated stateside.

Big artificial economic insanity (we do a bailout, nothing positive happens, so the Brits and others want to do the same thing – all the while the markets plunge) surely would be as good an excuse as any.

Definitely popular with the Fearmongers who told us we had to Bailout NOW, blatantly ignored the will of the American People, and now tell us “We fucked up.”  Gee, thanks.  We know how you feel.  It’s the same feeling we all get the day after just about any election.

All the attention has been purposely drawn TO the election and THEN the economy and THEN the debate’s aftermath and their and THEN the economy and markets crash and THEN more debates more controversy more scandal more accusations and THEN oh it’s racism, and THEN the global markets start to crash and the world is in turmoil and THEN they debate some more and more mud is slung, and THEN……

It’s familiar.  I seem to have heard it all before.  I just can’t quite place it.

Ah…..yes.  “It was Al Qaeda!  The Terrorists!”  “Al Quaeda!” “Bin Laden!” “Al Quaeda!” “Al Quaeda!” “Bin Laden!” “Al Quaeda!” “Al Quaeda!” “Bin Laden!” “Bin Laden!” “Al Quaeda!” “Saddam!” “Al Quaeda!” “Al Quaeda!” “Al Quaeda!” “Saddam” “Saddam” “Al Quaeda!” “Al Quaeda!” “Saddam!””Saddam!””Saddam!””Saddam!” “Al Quaeda!” “Saddam!””Saddam!””Saddam!” “IRAN” “Saddam!””Saddam!””Saddam!” “Bin Laden!”

See?  It’s the same game show these guys are putting on, just with different contestants.  Either way, I have to wonder:  What are they distracting us FROM this time?  What’s brewing RIGHT NOW that will jump on us, maybe as soon as this month (The October Surprise), or will it hit us after the Inauguration?  Last time it was The Patriot Act and FISA.  Perhaps this time it’s the shredding of our Freedom of Speech. God knows right now they’re shredding the US Constitution in Tampa and in other locales around the country.

President George W. Bush – STILL?

I would NOT be surprised if Bush were to “reluctantly” invoke “Directive 51“, which effectively postpones the election and extends his term until he decides that he wants to relinquish it due to a current threat to the Country. Google it.  You can’t make this shit up, folks.

This economic terrorism has the average complacent American looking to Uncle Sam to bail THEM out and willing to sign over whatever it takes to fix this – even if it means a solution which neither follows the constitution nor sustains the doctrine of a man being entitled to every piece of the fruit of his labors.

The fear of ‘losing it all’ will consume as the fear of terror consumed after 9/11.

Not as good as, say, flying 4 airplanes and slamming into things, but just as effective.

Such an event (invoking Directive 51) would favor McCain’s strong military experience once it was lifted.  Obama’s cause would implode.  He’d go back to the Senate, write another book, and become as relevant as Eminem.  Good entertainment, but you’re really not going to lend him the keys to your F-150.

Is that a likely scenario?  Four more years of George W. Bush (and not a clone)?  Probably not.  But I also think it’s not out of the question – with everything this process has been through this year, it would not surprise me one bit.  2008 has been QUITE the year of domestic unrest in the United States.

Maybe this one will be the last one.  -shrug-

We already know how to fight and gain ground against a George W. Bush brand of Bullshit.  We don’t have the time or resources to devote to learning a different brand…and if you truly believe that the other side is not also overrun with bullshit….you’re already compliant.  Game over.

I say it’s time to end the charade.  Let the machine do it’s thing.  Let them reinstate the draft.  Let them lord over us for another 4 years, either side.  I just think that McCain’s plans would speed up the inevitable, and Obama’s would postpone it.

Maybe, just maybe, the Depression and oppression will incite that revolution we’ve all been looking for.


In truth, I am,



4 Responses

  1. I would love to see a revolution in America, but I doubt it will happen.
    Revolution comes from people who starve.

  2. Starvation is not that far off. For many in the US, it’s a paycheck away, and that’s just food. We’re already starving for elected officials who listen to us, honesty and integrity in government, and the freedoms that have been yanked away from us by those Tyrants in Congress.

    Then again, many are also starving for the next installment of American Idol, so……..

  3. They need to be alot lot hungrier than one paycheck away from not shopping.
    While never having experienced it myself , I notice that a man is able to become outstandingly hungry before being prepared to be shot. Which is normally a pre-req of a revolution.

    Agree with everything else though

  4. “HELLO, Hello, hello … Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?”

    Where you at? I need some updates… 😉

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