What part of NO BAILOUT did you people not understand?

Seriously.  There are some incredibly dense fucking people in our world:

Barney Frank breaks wind at News Conference on Sunday, blames Bush.

Harry Reid.  George W. Bush.  John McCain.  Barack Hussein Obama.  Nancy Pelosi.  Mitch McConnell.  Christopher Dodd.  Henry Paulson.  Ben Shalom Bernanke.  Smug little bunch, they were until Monday, huh?

And let’s not forget the most ARROGANT Congressman of the moment:

“If you just solely rely on the phone calls we’re getting from home, listening to people who don’t understand the complexities of our marketplace and what we’re dealing with here, the easiest vote for you to make would be a no vote today. You have to go beyond that.” – Rep Gary Miller R-CA Dist. 42

Yes, indeed.  You just heard Lord Gary Miller tell us we were stupid.  Apparently, only the elected officials in Washington understand the complexities of the economy.  Give him a call now (202-225-3201) and tell him just how much you appreciated his demeaning and insulting comments.  Tell him Mobiüs sent you.

None of these self-serving, treasonous louts got the message on Monday – they’re back with a vengeance trying to push another Bailout package through Congress to fill the coffers of the impoverished Wall Street Moguls.  The Senate plans to vote on the $700 billion financial rescue bill Wednesday evening — two days after the House voted it down.

John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama.

Yeah, I know.  I already listed them.  But ya know, these two Senators want to be our next President.  And ALREADY, overwhelmingly, they are telling you they don’t care about what you want.  Already.

Sometimes I think that they’re both purposely trying to see how completely undesirable they can make themselves and STILL win.  Anybody else feel like that?

Already these folks are showing you they are oblivious to the overwhelming NO! which came from the American People on Monday.  Somebody is feeding these guys bad information or something, because I cannot, absolutely refuse to believe that somebody who wants to be President can be that fucking obtuse.

McCain is already delivering speeches pushing to have a go at the checkbook again, and Obama’s promising that everything’s gonna be just fine once HE gets a bailout pushed through.  Pressuring others to fall in behind him.  Children of Hamlin, do NOT follow this pied piper of Chicago.  You won’t like where he’s taking you.

Obama said the toll the credit crunch will take on ordinary Americans will become much worse if action isn’t taken immediately to “put the fire out.” McCain warned of “dire consequences” for the U.S. economy if lawmakers fail to act.

“This is a moment of national crisis, and today’s inaction in Congress as well as the angry and hyper-partisan statement released by the McCain campaign are exactly why the American people are disgusted with Washington,” the Obama-Biden campaign said in a statement released shortly after the vote.

NO, Senator.  The reason the American people are disgusted with Washington is because you don’t listen to us anymore.  Your repeated attempts to bail out Wall Street Moguls at the cost of the US Taxpayer are as sure a sign as any that you simply believe you can do whatever you like without recourse.  Give a hand TO the American people, Senator, and take it OUT of our pocket!

More likely is this:  They are already serving those who would be their masters: The Moneymen.

As for the rest of you good people in Washington, DC – Hear this, and hear it well.

The People Have Spoken: NO WALL STREET BAILOUTS!

Time to resume the fight. We’ve beaten them back at the gates to our Treasury and our future once this week, let’s get on with round two!  Already their partners in crime, the Mainstream Media, is predicting another gloom and doom day on Wall Street – as if they already know the plan.  Don’t fall into their campaign of FEAR and DOUBT….because I’m AFRAID it’s too late, we’re already broke.

It’s TIME to stop paying that Visa bill with our Mastercard, folks.  On Monday, Pelosi and her cronies swiped their card and the American People’s Authorization Center said: DECLINED.  Today, they’ll try using their Federal Reserve Bank Gold Amex Card – let’s send them the VERY same message today!

Contact your elected officials today and tell them: NOT ONE THIN DIME! NO WALL STREET BAILOUTS!

In Truth, I am,


The US Congress won't even admit to that.

Frank breaks wind, blames Bush.


5 Responses

  1. I love it when people tell me I’m stupid and lie to my face! “Thank you, sir! May I please have another?”

    “Give a hand TO the American people, Senator, and take it OUT of our pocket!”
    Love it.

    I wouldn’t spit on these people if they were on fire. Mean? Maybe. True? Absolutely. Really, I’m a pretty compassionate person but I HATE LYING, THIEVING BASTARDS!

    *DING-DING* Let Round Two commence!

    Again, thank you all for doing what you do.

  2. There will be other rounds, sadly enough. They think they can weary us, but my guess is they’ll simply distract us. What’s next? Iran? Another bank? American Idol Tryouts? It’ll be something, we’ll become weary of it all, and throw our hands up. Sadly, this has become the American way.

    One day, it will not be like this. Could Today be that day?

  3. Of course they will keep going on about this until some money is given to these entities. Unfortunately for the common taxpayer, it seems they are going to fight the battle until they win..


  4. […] Seriously. There are some incredibly dense fucking people in our world: Harry Reid. George W. Bush. John McCain. Barack Hussein Obama. Nancy Pelosi. Mitch McConnell. Christopher Dodd. Henry Paulson. Ben Shalom Bernanke. …[Continue Reading] […]

  5. thank you Stephanie, neither candidate WORTH a SPIT in a BUCKET! TWO FACES OF THE SAME COIN!

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