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Mobius vows to unseat Hoyer, uses Wizard Magic!

We all saw here yesterday where Mobius pretty much said that Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer was toast – after all, he’s running against a true Ron Paul Republican, Collins Bailey.

Somebody's Pissing on Maryland's 5th District

Somebody Pissed on MD's 5th District Yesterday

What we did NOT know was that Mobius, long a master of the Dark Arts, was going to cast a Schlongomo Spell on Maryland’s 5th District last evening, causing rain, high winds, and testicle-shaped hail to fall.

We here at Lloyd’s Rants will continue to keep you updated as the situation, um, develops.


2 Responses

  1. Fine. Next time, I’m using the Invisibility Cloak.

  2. Isn’t District 5 nothing but Muggles anyway? 😀

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