The Party Flip, Part 1: Obama vs Palin

False Choice 2008 Disclaimer:  Mobius not only does not support or endorse ANY of the Republican or Democratic Candidates for President/VP in this election, but would HAPPILY pilot the airplane that took all four of these pandering, blathering morons to exile in a 3rd world country.  The False Choice Four™ aren’t collectively worth the value of a Large Order of Fries.

Fair Warning:  This blog uses adult language and terms you may not hear on Noggin.  Deal with it.  In the Party Flip series of articles, Mobius examines how the two major Political Parties in the United States have made it easier to understand that there’s no real difference between them anymore. We’re a Purple Nation, make no mistake about it.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

We’re expected to believe that the least-known of the least-knowns is suddenly a political dynamo hell-bent on world destruction, removal of all things that we, as Americans, hold dear, and is every bit as corrupt as Dick Cheney with PMS.

I’m talking about, of course, the masterful spin-doctoring, manipulative and vehement pursuit of Governor Sarah Palin by “Senator” Barack Hussein Obama.  (We’re putting B.O.’s name in quotes these days, because the boy has certainly not done anything “Senatorial” in the last 18 months.  Yes, 18 months, and you know damn well I’m being generous.  Remember, this man is currently on OUR payroll…and yet instead of doing his job, he’s doing the equivalent of maintaining his own personal MeinSpace page at work all day.  If you or I had spent as much time AVOIDING actual work as this man has done over the last 18 months, we’d be looking for a new job right now.  I’m sure the people of Chicago feel as though they’re getting their money’s worth.)

Don’t get me wrong here.  Sarah Palin does not pose a threat to me – as she obviously does to Mr. B. Hussein Obama.  As Vice Presidents (or candidates thereof) go, she’s probably only a notch or two above Dan Quayle, Spiro T. Agnew, Gerald Ford, Thomas Eagleton, Jim Stockdale, or even Dick “Shoot You In The Face and Then Lie About It” Cheney.  In comparison to Joe “The Man In The Yellow Hat” Biden, they’re probably dead even, which is really sad considering that Biden’s been a criminal politician almost as long as Palin’s had pubic hair.

The media and the campaign of B. Hussein O. (ok, fine, fine, I’ll quit pointing out that this guy’s barely a US Citizen) think that anyone with an IQ above that of mayonnaise would believe that this woman is the Slobodan Milošević of Anchorage.  Operatives from the Obama Campaign have taken a page right out of Richard Nixon’s playbook on this one, and it’s completely transparent.

Would they be pursuing this woman as vehemently as they have been if she was NOT McSame’s running mate?  Absolutely not.  Would we even be hearing about it at a National level?  Certainly not.  This woman is possibly the least known (she’s from ALASKA for crying out loud) of the least-knowns (QUICK! Name 5 Governors!).

It’s okay.  Really.  Most days, I couldn’t rattle off the names of 5 Governors either.

The Mindless Obama Cult, and it’s devoted, zombie-like loyal followers have indeed mastered the manipulation of the Corporately-Controlled Media, and they have demonstrated repeatedly that they dominate when it comes to the blogdom and the internet.  Every pro-GOP comment posted ANYWHERE is matched 5:1 with pro-Obama comments against the other side, often times slanderous at best, and traitorous, Anti-American rhetoric at worst.  I have to take my hat off to them – they’ve done a wonderful job in creating this huge illusion that there is enormous support for The Messiah from Southside.

It’s a brilliant example of knowing your enemy and imitating him at every level…and you can’t possibly get more Republican than that.  Introducing Democratic Politics, Version 2008.

I’m not yet sure whether Palin’s willingness to serve on the GOP ticket represents bravery or sheer stupidity on her part, but after months and months of listening to Obama TALK (which is all he manages to accomplish), I’ve come to an interesting conclusion:  I’d love to see a debate between Obama and Palin.  Head to head.  Forget that Barry’s a do-nothing-Democrat of epic proportions.  Forget that Palin is…well….a political nobody.  Let these two intellectual black holes go at each other, one on one.

After about 10 minutes of such a debate, one thing would be clear to even the most Mellwood among us:  Obama can’t answer a direct question with a direct answer because he’s fundamentally deceptive, and Palin can’t answer that same question because she just doesn’t know the answer.

At least Obama is smart enough to let his ‘Moonies’ do his dirty work for him.  After all, it would not serve him well in November if we all suddenly remember that he, by way of his black-work operatives, spent the last 12 weeks of the Campaign picking on a girl.

We’ve lost much of our dignity and honor in this country, but that’s one action that most Americans still find rather distasteful.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t see much mention of your boy Barak coming from Chicago. Isn’t Chicago considered the most politically corrupt city in the country, outside of D.C.?

  2. Yessir, I do believe it’s 3rd on the list internationally….both of them right behind Nairobi. 😉

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