A Family Affair?

Disclaimer:  Mobius would rather stick hot pokers in his eyes than to see McCain, Obama or Biden in the White House.

CNN took great delight yesterday in in the ‘revelation’ that Republican Vice Presidential Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter likes to rub more than noses on those cold Alaskan nights.  For them, it salvaged what might’ve been an anti-news day, since the RNC petered out much the same way Gustav did.

That tabloid tidbit brought the expected responses:  McCain knew, and doesn’t care.  Obama didn’t know, doesn’t care, and took offense as the media cut a wee bit close to home by even bringing it up.  His own mother wasn’t too far from the same age when she had Obama.  Attacking Palin on this issue would be akin to attacking his own grandma – and you never, ever attack somebody’s grandma.

As has become far too common, the ones who seemed most pressed over the issue were the folks behind the microphones.  While repeating their rhetorical questions about whether the pregnancy was fair political game, our friends in the mainstream media managed to buzz it up well above the Convention or Gustav, and probe every political nook and cranny for the ramifications of this latest news from the McCain/Palin camp.

The corporately-controlled media has quickly caught on to playing both sides of the issue for maximum gain.  Seems they’ve actually been paying attention to tactics from both sides of the aisle and applying those lessons after all.

Exploiting the ‘outrageous’ behavior of young women in this country has become as regular a feature on the nightly news as the weather and sports scores.  Just ask Mrs. Spears or Mrs. Lohan about THEIR daughters’ experience in that particular hot seat.  Unlike Mrs. Spears or Mrs. Lohan, I’m pretty sure Governor Palin will make absolutely certain that Bristol is wearing panties at all times.  That’s leadership we can all use.

Let’s hope that Bristol’s tenure in this particular public hot seat is short-lived.  There’s bound to be another one of Hollywood’s Finest out doing the deed right now to take over for her….because that’s what teenagers do.  It’s not new, and it’s not relevant.  What’s relevant is how it’s dealt with after the fact.

Yes, we’re in deep trouble now as a nation,  but let’s face it: for the last 8 years, we’ve had the most criminally corrupt, inept, clueless stooge possible inhabiting the White House, with his runner up (or perhaps his handler) living at Number One Observatory Circle.

Both men have daughters who emulate stellar examples of the fine, upstanding, moral values we’ve come to appreciate from their fathers.  These girls have been dignified role models for our nation’s youth (when they haven’t been out boozing it up with fake ID’s or licking snatch).

These morally corrupt criminals have managed to nefariously hijack two Presidential Elections, turn back the clock on individual civil liberties, murder thousands of innocent men, women and children (some of them overseas!) while simultaneously trying to hide the strings attached to their Illuminati, Israeli, Saudi and International Banking Masters.  They’ve been stuffing their master’s pockets with our money as fast as their hands can move, and you only have to look as far as your own bank account to see who’s been paying them to do it.

Suddenly a 44 year old hockey mom with a 17 year old daughter who likes to party doesn’t seem so bad.


3 Responses

  1. I didn’t see much of the news coverage re: the earth-shattering, election-deciding pregnancy of a prospective vice-president’s daughter.

    Is she hot?

  2. Ah. Your reply in color:

  3. buddy, i hope that was scarcasm….or do u just have your head in the sand?

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