Masturbation, Political Convention Style

What the hell is it these days with Democrats?

Back in May, I complained vehemently about the dramatic, drawn-out affair with Michigan and Florida – where the Democrats decided that votes from these States would not count towards the nomination.

Taking these votes fully swung the primaries in Obama’s favor.  It was a tactical and strategic move which has paid off, but it only paid off because the average American has a short memory span. So, let’s review, in words everyone can understand, not just Official-Party-Speak which makes no sense to anyone with intelligence:

Back before the primaries started, the DNC warned both Michigan and Florida that if they held their democratic primaries on an ‘unapproved’ date, their votes would be tossed.

They held their primaries, candidates won, and the DNC’s Rules Committee held televised lip-service hearings at the end of May on whether or not to count the votes.  Rules are rules, they decided at the un-televised portion of the meetings (“dinner”).  Penalties must be levied.  You lose 50% of your delegates, Michigan and Florida!

The people who live in those states who got up and voted were instantly disenfranchised.

This, of course, was a huge blow to the Clinton campaign.  Some would say it was the final death blow.  It helped to start a huge groundswell of Obama support, since it was clear that without Michigan and Florida’s votes, Clinton could not win.

Many who voted in primaries after this decision voted for Obama since nobody likes voting for someone with no chance of winning.  (Just ask people who wisely, but knowingly, vote for Dr. Ron Paul.)

So, Barack Hussein Obama went on to win enough primary delegates (not to mention the Superdelegates who abandoned the Clinton ship after the DNC’s disenfranchisement of Michigan and Florida) to secure the nomination.

Then, and only then, did Obama’s campaign decide that they’d push to have 100% of Michigan and Florida’s delegates counted at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week.  In May, the mindless Obamaites screamed bloody murder at the thought of these states receiving full delegate votes.  They acted like someone was taking food out of their mouth.

Some say it was reminiscent of how the Republicans acted during the  (then) Crime of the Century 2000 Presidential Election vote recounts.

As even the most clueless amongst us realizes, the Democrats will need Unity in order to win in November.  How better to gain unity than to suddenly decide there’s nothing more important in the world than to insist that Michigan and Florida’s votes count – every single one of them?!?  Kinda like Clinton insisted all along, huh?

So, the DNC, in it’s collective wisdom, decides to give Michigan and Florida it’s votes.  100%.  No harm, no foul, right?  Wrong – but since the obvious strategic malarkey worked, discouraged and effectively ended the Clinton campaign, it really doesn’t matter now, does it?

This is kind of like when Rudy Jewliani tells 9-11 Truthseekers that the details of how the WTC fell are ‘irrelevant’ now.  Ditto the details on who killed JFK or who bombed Oklahoma City.  It’s amazing how THIS administration has failed to cover it’s tracks over and over again (Georgia), and yet the mass of mindless zombies that Corporate Media has created still fail to call them on any of it.  Yes, we digress….

So, armed with their delegates, Michigan and Florida show up, only to have the roll call stop with New York (in the usual roundabout way they switch around with the vote counts every convention), and have Hillary move Obama the Nominee ‘by acclamation’.

This after, she ‘released her delegates‘ earlier in the day.

Note to whatever schmuck takes Howard Dean’s job next year:  maybe the roll call speeches should be proportional to the number of delegates you have?  The morons from Montana rambled on longer than Mark Warner, and they have a scant 25 delegates to the entire state.  Not sure if that includes cattle.

“Released her delegates” means that she didn’t care who was selected when “We, The People” voted.  Your vote for Hillary was to go to Obama, because as a true Democrat, Hillary knows what’s best for you, even when you don’t.  And they wonder where the Dems get that ‘big government’ reputation!

“Acclamation” is the Electoral College of Primary Season.  Acclamation deprived the primary voters of having every single vote counted, which is where the Democrats were back in May.  Yes, this is “Change”, but when you “Change” and then “Change back”, the effect is zero.

The conclusion here is simple:  the people who run the Democratic show in this country don’t give a rat’s ass about your vote individually, nor about you as an individual.  They’ve demonstrated that time and time again with constant disenfranchisement of voters – a trick they no doubt picked up from the 1960’s Republicans.

So if you thought that ‘change’ with Obama means doing things differently, you’re wrong – again.   Let’s face it, his first ‘leadership’ decision was to pick Joe Biden, the guy who’s done very little in the Senate over the last FOUR DECADES, with the exception of vehemently supporting our Country’s miserably failed Drug Policy.

Obama and his team have proven that it’s Politics as Usual in Washington, and he’ll give us 4 more years of the same.  Next week:  Watch the Republicans do pretty much the same thing the Dems did this week.

We’ll be there with bells on to inform you of the obvious, even if you’re not paying attention.


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