Obama / Bigfoot 2008

Times can change.  So can opinions.  But until something better comes along, I’m writing in Obama/Bigfoot for President and Veep.

It’d be a better ticket if it were Obama / Sasquatch, but as we all know, Sasquatch is a Republican.

Seriously, if for just a moment…….there couldn’t have been a more logical choice for Obama than Joe Biden.  After all, Obama’s credentials are sorely lacking in several important areas:

  • He’s only been to Bilderberg once.
  • He’s not firmly embedded as a gopher for the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • He wasn’t instrumental in forging ahead with incredibly failed US Policies, like the office of the Drug Czar.
  • He doesn’t head up the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (just ask any foreigner what they think of the US Government to see how that’s been working out for us)

But Joey does.  Joey brings firm experience in ALL these areas and then some.  How people can elect, over and over, for nearly 4 decades, somebody who’s a known liar (check his college records) and who works to implement such blatantly failed policies (The War on Drugs) is beyond me.  Are there even 300 people IN Delaware?  Since his oldest is Attorney General there, perhaps the better question is are there even 300 people who aren’t related to Joey in Delaware?

I guess if your motives are less than honorable, pick a state with a really small population.  With some luck you’ll hit a really good “fool most of the people most of the time” ratio.  Great job security, huh?

The question for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama becomes this now:  How will you convince your mindless followers that you represent change by picking a VP with 40 years in Washington politics?  Remember, you still owe us an answer from the last question we posed – How will you convince your mindless minions that you can stand up to Osama, Iran, Russia, North Korea and other ‘threats’ to this country, but you can’t even assert yourself and stand up to Hillary?

I guess Joe may help you some on that last one – he’s not afraid of anyone.  Hell, in the days just after 9-11, Joe enjoyed tea and crumpets with one of the financial backers of the alleged masterminds of the World Trade Center demolition attacks.

New School Elitist, meet Old School Elitist.  The mix will bring back the days of the do-nothing-democrat. If you look at Joe’s website now, he’s been mighty idle the last several years – and he had the audacity to run for President?


With the Democratic convention coming up, it’ll be a free-for-all as the pundits and second-guessers dissect Obama’s latest glaring demonstration that he’s in way over his head.


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