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CNN Alert Spam Trojan email moves to MSNBC

No, this isn’t your typical web-hype-crap bulletin.  I’ve received these emails myself, it’s no joke, no urban legend, no (name withheld) who posts everything she hears….this is the real deal.

Those of you who know me know I research this crap very well before I post it – this one is 100% legitimate.  Emails purporting to come from CNN and MSNBC are loaded with links to trojans.  It’s not even done well (anybody say Maldonato Mayhem? Maybe he found a JidScript LOL), but if you’re not paying attention, you might get infected.





msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS spam

By Brian Turner

August 13, 2008

Hot on the heels of the CNN Alerts: my custom alert email spam comes a new variant: msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS spam.

The emails follow the same format as the CNN spam, with the link to the supposed featured story going to an unrelated third-party website which attempts to attack the users PC.

The site tries to download adobe_flash.exe to the users machine, which according to a string of security reports is used to infect trojans and/or worms to the user’s machine.

Ironically, the spoof msnbc.com emails link to pages which claim to offer CNN news. Not the smartest hackers on the block by any means.

Of course, these emails have absolutely nothing to do with either CNN.com or msnbc.com, but instead are fake emails dressed up to fool users into visiting an infected website.

As with the spoofed CNN emails, simply delete these straight to your inbox without reading.


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