Local Newspaper Covers Bilderberg Protests….sort of

From the Fairfax Times:

Conference draws protesters

A handful of people staked out Chantilly’s Westfields Marriott over the weekend, protesting what they called a secret plot by world leaders to destroy America and create a one world government.

9-11-Controlled Demolition” and “Tyranny Response Team” were some of the sayings painted on signs and T-shirts displayed by the protesters, who came from all over the country.

At one point, the group tried to push in the door to the hotel, but Fairfax County police were able to peacefully deter them, according to police spokeswoman Mary Ann Jennings.

While she couldn’t comment on what exactly happened at the hotel, Jennings confirmed that county police were notified about a meeting that would present “security concerns for officials.” Police officers were asked to help maintain order on the property and no arrests were made, she said.

The “secret conference” at Westfields was the 56th Bilderberg Meeting, an annual forum where business and political leaders from around the globe meet privately to talk about world issues, according to a press release from American Friends of Bilderberg.

The conference, which lasted from June 5 to 8, is held annually in different places throughout the world. It has been hosted by the Westfields Marriott before, Jennings said.

We are here to expose the shadow government,” said Alex Jones, a resident of Austin, Texas, and moderator of http://www.infowars.com.

Shepard Johnson, a former resident of Leesburg who now lives in Richmond, showed up to protest a violation of his rights, he said.

The protesters gathered on the lawn near the end of a long driveway that leads to the upscale hotel as police officers watched them from across the street.

Several cars passing the hotel honked and waved at protesters who flaunted their signs and warned of a conspiracy through bullhorns on Friday afternoon.

It’s not surprising that Chantilly was picked as a location because it is home to so many government agencies, said Drew Arnold, a 22-year-old political cartoonist from Alexandria who came to protest.

The seat of power functions out here, west of Washington D.C.,” Arnold said.



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