Bilderberg 2008 Postscript

June 8, 2008
CHANTILLY, VA – After 4 days of cloak-and-dagger, cat-and-mouse, Bilderberg 2008 draws to a close.

Amongst the clandestine arrangements, security services from across the globe and first-class accommodations, the Global Elite this week sat down and talked about the end of the world. Blacked out by every major media organization, the actual coverage which is available thusfar is, frankly, disappointing.

For a group of people who complain like the devil about there not being any actual Mainstream Media COVERAGE of this event, we certainly seem to do very little to fill that void. Many of the ‘articles’ that have surfaced from this years’ meeting is simply rehash of past articles. Several of them only repeat what we knew to begin with about the specifics. Some even seek to add personal drama to the unfolding events, yet offer no evidence of anything new under the sun where the Elite are concerned.

A few of them are complete and utter bullshit, posted and contrived to further your own personal sense of outrage – false flags of our own!

The videos are….something. Mostly protest-oriented videos showing how loud and obnoxious and bravado we can be towards ‘them’. Nothing I’ve seen to date actually attempts to elaborate on the basics – who, what, when, how, why.

Yes, we’ve seen a couple dozen photos. Dozen videos or so. Few scant paragraphs etched on the usual and customary websites. LOTS of talk about participants, Obama’s possible role in this years’ meetings, and the general speculation which surrounds the meetings every year. Practically all the stills and video we’ve seen thusfar resembles bad vacation footage…..and yes, I took some of it myself. Guilty as charged.

One of the huge obstacles we face as a ‘truth movement’ (best term I can come up with) is that the issues we raise are issues that most people haven’t even HEARD of before. Things that, if they weren’t true, would be so absolutely SAD and pathetic for people to dream up.

We must educate, inform and inspire. Gather enough educated, informed and inspired people, and we might actually stand a chance against the Global Goliaths. My hope is by making as many people as possible aware of the facts, and allowing them to self-educate, they’ll become inspired to be involved in the change which needs to take place….and who knows…..when you reach out to someone, you may be informing the next “George Washington” (notice my quotes folks, not looking for an historical debate today) who can lead the coming revolution.

Yelling at the Bilderbergers with a megaphone is probably NOT the way we’re going to actually change anything, and it’s certainly not going to do much towards educating and informing the masses. Sadly, sometimes the messenger himself gets in the way of the message. Acting like testosterone-laden frat boys (and conducting yourself like that) is probably not doing much to intimidate the Global Elite, let alone loosen their grip on our lives. At every turn these tyrants do their best to discredit us personally and to discredit our message – why are we then helping them to ruin our collective credibility by blathering like an idiot?

It saddens me to observe that some of our brightest stars in this movement are trying their damndest to simulate what we’ve all said we despise – News Entertainment Professionals. It doesn’t help when those of us who are the most vocal have shown somewhat disturbing ‘media whore’ tendencies – and if you look at this year’s photos, you see who takes the opportunity to jump in front of the cameras at every turn. They’ll be the ones with their heads cocked in that ‘photo opp’ moment pose.

C’mon folks. It doesn’t have to be as dry as C-Span, but we can also do without the Hard Copy / A Current Affair take on news which is so important to all of us!

Can we maybe all meet somewhere in the middle?

While the messages are very diverse, perhaps it’s time to take a tip from organizations like the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project), who ‘strongly request’ that their supporters conduct themselves, right down to the attire, in a businesslike fashion. Now I love my Cheech & Chong T-shirt as much as the next man, but the results MPP has achieved to date really demonstrate that their tactics are worth a second look.

Even extremist organizations like the Mormons or (eek!) The Nation of Islam could teach us all a thing or two – even though the message they deliver is one which seldom holds up to minimal scrutiny, their appearance, presentation and conduct in the public eye generally allows them to get at least a FEW lines of their message across before the eye-rolling starts….as well it should.

Whatever your issue du jour may be, consider that you’ll win a larger number of converts, educate and inform the masses more effectively and be taken far more seriously without the megaphone and the childish taunts.

The Global Elite are far too entrenched for a diplomatic solution. The revolution awaits us, and it won’t be accomplished by yelling at mega-billionaires as they make their way to afternoon tea with the Rockefellers.

Sic Semper Tyrannus!


6 Responses

  1. I am NOT Alex Jones’ Love Child!

  2. […] If your name appears here and you were not at Bilderberg, leave a comment. Likewise, if you were a participant, leave a comment so we can give you, um, credit. […]

  3. Too true (comments on your leading article above), and I like and prefer the Mahatma Gandhi approach, which may not seem to have been “doing too much” to the sensing need of the ‘hungry’ and ‘side-tracked’ ‘public at large’ but in the end the result speak for themselves.

    Despite Alex and his mega phone, to the msm this may be the only ‘physical’ and seemingly effective way he and his point can be made, to ‘the mob’.

    As Ghandi purported to have said: first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

    This world game is in its end-phase and the best outcome is assured for the benefit of all – that’s the way of a loving cosmos.

    Bob Kenter

  4. “when you reach out to someone, you may be informing the next “George Washington” (notice my quotes folks, not looking for an historical debate today) who can lead the coming revolution.”

    Revoltuion, my foot. You have to kill liberalism to kill liberalism’s elite. Revolutions are not won by the attacking of personnel for its own sake. The personnel, however powerful, are unseated, finally, because the noumenal universe is radically changed to one that no longer gives them power.

    Just as the Founding Father’s classical liberalism was the antidote to monarchism, so the antidote to the neoliberal, the postmodern, the internationalist is nationalism.

  5. …and The Bilderberg Group’s just chocked full of, um, liberals, huh? (rolls eyes). Not sure it matters how many $12 words you throw at it… stopped being an issue of liberal vs conservative a LONG time ago.

  6. […] If your name appears here and you were not at Bilderberg, leave a comment. Likewise, if you were a participant, leave a comment so we can give you, um, credit.» […]

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