News During Bilderberg

They say great leaders never hesitate between decisions and execution – they move quickly.

I’ll update these as they are gathered.

End of the world doom, plastered all over the headlines. Meanwhile, in Chantilly…….

Ack! They’ve even invaded my email with the theatrical gloom and doom. Wonder why?

OMG We’re all gonna dieeeeee……


4 Responses

  1. You are absolutely photoshopping all this. Gotta be.

  2. Wish I was. Got more than I can make look decent in this template tho. Might have to put em on a page on GI. Besides if I was making them up, I could’ve been a lot more sensational.

  3. Yes, yes. Something involving anuses. Isn’t DOJ working on a new probe?

  4. That’d be YOUR blog, not mine. Go ahead, run with it. LoL

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