Jim Tucker Writes from Bilderberg, 2008

Jim Tucker writes from Bilderberg, 2008:

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American Free Press


I am writing this week’s AFP Electronic Newsletter from the lobby of the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Centreville, Va., the site of this year’s Bilderberg meeting. While the staff remains tight-lipped about the gathering, I am confident that this is the place.

The resort is bustling with security, and advanced staffers are beginning to trickle in. Yesterday, an AFP reporter, who was taking pictures of the resort, was confronted by a group of security guards. They ordered him to immediately stop photographing the convention rooms where we expect the gathering to be held. He objected, but the guards were having none of it. They threatened to throw him out if he did not stop.

In Europe, typically, reporters from larger publications are on-hand to cover this shadowy group. But not here in the United States. Not one reporter was at the hotel when we arrived on Wednesday. A number of AFP supporters were there, though, and they greeted us and those who arrived early to Bilderberg.

In the coming days we will be posting photos of the event on AFP’s web site and uploading video shot on the scene. In the meantime, please check out my latest interview which has been posted to our Youtube page. You can find it here.

AFP maintains one of the best Bilderberg pages on the Internet. You can find out more by logging on here.

If you live in the Virginia area and would like to attend our Bilderberg Welcoming Party on Friday June 6, call Julia at AFP’s office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 544-5977. A number of AFP readers have told me they’ll be there, so come join the fun. For the details on my itinerary, visit our 2008 Bilderberg page here.

I would like to ask everyone who subscribes to AFP’s Electronic Newsletter to forward this important newsletter to friends, family, associates – anyone who you think may be interested in news on Bilderberg. I guarantee they will not read about this anywhere else. Ask them to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter. This week, AFP is even offering a free book, The Maxims of Napoleon, to every new person who signs up.

We’re all in this together. So help us spread the word. Thank you.

– Jim Tucker


If you have not picked up a copy of Jim’s book, The Bilderberg Diary, published by AFP, you can get a copy here. Your support helps AFP continue the kinds of candid, truthful reporting that you see in every issue of AFP.


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