Thank God for C-Span

Watching the Corporately Controlled Media (CCM) coverage of the Democratic National Committee’s Rules Committee is almost as pointless as voting in Florida or Michigan.

I tried. I really did. I started on CNN, moved to some other channels, but the end result was clear – these CCM outlets are completely opposed to the concept of displaying the coverage of these proceedings, AS-IS, for the American viewing public to digest, interpret and understand on their own.

Of course, they constantly have to cut for commercials – can’t interfere with those profits in the interest of the Democratic process, huh? Even worse is the blathering commentary offered by Wolf Blitzer, who in the process of trying to make the news more entertaining, blatantly offers conclusions and facts that only you, the viewer, should be drawing. In many instances he clearly mischaracterized some of the testimony being offered, and in others ignored overwhelmingly pertinent points made by others.

(Sorry, Wolf, but I’m making an example of you – you’re not nearly the only one who does this in doing your Corporate Masters’ bidding, but you happen to be the one I chose to tune into this morning….you still have the coolest reporter’s name, ever, if that’s of any consolation.)

One point I know Wolf won’t make, and one that really reflects the utter absurdity of what the Democrats are engaged in, is when the Committee broke for lunch, Co-Chairman Alexis Herman said very clearly that they would reconvene at 4:15PM. At 4:15PM, their conference table was, as it remains of this writing, completely empty. Based on this violation of her declaration, none of the committee members’ votes should count.

I’m glad we were able to resolve that so simply.

After deciding that I really couldn’t take anymore of CNN’s censorship, I decided to catch the coverage on C-Span. Yes, I consider anything that interrupts a proceeding like that censorship, because we have a right to see everything that takes place in those proceedings, not break for Wolf to tell us what’s going on (when we all have the capacity to determine that on our own) nor to break to try and influence my buying choices as a consumer.

What a marvelous difference. Nothing but a camera and a microphone. The only time an announcer on C-Span is breaking in on this important coverage is when there’s literally nothing going on, and even then in those ‘lulls’ in the action, they make comments in the hushed, revered tones of a golf tournament announcer.

C-Span coverage lets you, the viewer, observe as if you were right in the room with the proceedings, and therefore allows you as an intelligent being to come to your own conclusions. They simply allow the proceedings to speak for themselves.

It’s obvious why the Corporately Controlled Media will not allow you the same courtesy: if you’re left to make your own conclusions, able to observe every action taken by the participants unfettered, you may just determine that the entire system’s broken and want to change it – and as we all know, changes like that would cut into their Corporate power base and suck down their profits.

The whole idea of not counting the votes from 2+ million citizens is simply un-democratic, period. Listen to the ‘well-meaning’ commentators blather on about how this candidate is conceding to allow 50% of the votes to count, and this other candidate is being gracious in not contesting other voters or other issues. Almost makes you feel GOOD about the whole process…until you shake the rhetoric-laden cobwebs from your head (and let’s face it – unless you’re motivated to listen, C-Span is some pretty dry stuff to watch – no Randy, Paula and Simon banter, no Flav-0-Flav costumes, etc.) and realize that the issue being discussed is very simple – attempts by the Democratic National Committee to not count votes which citizens cast in Florida and Michigan.

Since co-chairman Herman said at the outset that the concept of doing the right thing (restoring all votes and delegates as cast) was ‘not on the table’, they’ve already made up their mind. This whole hearing nonsense is nothing more than an opportunity for the Party members to grandstand their concepts and notions, and to try to spin the story into something it isn’t. They are simply denying voters their due, and the CCM is only furthering this preposterous charade by helping to spin it into something positive.

Remember that in November.

I know you will, because every Republican in the world isn’t going to let you forget it. Your only defense there is to point out that the Republicans do the very same thing. You didn’t believe they were actually two different political parties, did you? If you’re reading this far, there might be hope for you yet.

If I were a Democratic Party strategist, I’d advise them to just shut up and move on – this is only serving to further divide the Party, and all the post-nomination ‘re-unification’ will only be lip service.

It’s worth repeating:

1. They are simply denying voters their due.

2. Remember that in November.

At least we have an opportunity to view this entire circus without the benefit of “people who know what’s best for us” commenting all over it.

That kind of thing is best left for afterwards, once people have had a chance to digest an unadulterated open hearing on the issues. Like when they finish, for example….but it’s 6PM, and they’re not back yet.

How many of you would be fired instantly for returning from lunch two hours late?



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