Dear Mrs. Clinton….

Möbius writes an open letter to the very LAST candidate you’d think he would.

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I’m writing you to urge you to continue your battle for a just and fair resolution to the Florida and Michigan Primaries, the people who voted, and those who make the DNC’s rules.

Prior to today, I was completely convinced that there was absolutely no material differentiating quality in any of the candidates running for President, with the exception of the perpetual underdog, Dr. Ron Paul.

After witnessing the ‘Washington politics as usual’ vulgar display of spin doctoring at the Rules Committee meeting, it became clear that someone had to make a stand for the voters…because those committee members had their minds made up before they ever sat down at the table.

I’m not urging you to do this because it’ll divide your Party beyond repair (it will, at least where this election is concerned), nor am I urging you to continue your pursuit of this in order to draw away disenfranchised voters to the Republicans (we’ve had enough angry old white men running our country, thank you very much!).

I’m urging you to continue your pursuit to have EVERY vote count in Florida and Michigan as they do in Maryland, Arkansas, Texas and every other state: because it’s a basic premise of our Democratic system.

If you remember the 2000 Presidential Election, when things looked their worst, Republicans and some Democrats alike begged and pleaded with Al Gore to give up his fight for justice. Some for the sake of unity, and others simply because they supported George W. Bush for President.

We’ve had no unity, and I surely don’t have to point out to you the mess we’re in today because of the eventual result in putting Mr. Bush into the White House. The only acceptable result in that scenario would’ve been for EVERYONE’s vote to be counted, and equal to all other votes.

After all, that’s what Democracy’s about, right?

In the end, after all the rhetoric has been spewed, history will note you as a leader, and not as someone who concedes such an important issue for the sake of some ludicrous notion as ‘Party Unity’.

Continue to fight the good fight, and lead your party back towards being the party of inclusion and not one of exclusion and closed-door-lunch-meeting politics as usual!



PS – I’m still casting my ballot for Dr. Paul, but you’re the ONLY one in a position to do the right thing.

Don’t let us down.


3 Responses

  1. I have a total newfound respect for you knowing that you are voting for Ron Paul! Kisses

  2. Shhhhhh! I wasn’t ever NOT Voting for Dr. Ron! Just don’t tell Hillary.

  3. Could you two possibly get a room? Sheesh.

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