Counting Votes for Dummies

A Primer on the Democratic Process: The Gross Disenfranchisement of Voters in Florida and Michigan, 2008

Today, the Democratic Party, a private organization, decided to disenfranchise, or not count, votes from millions of the citizens of the states of Florida and Michigan.

I realize that many of you may have thought that the Democratic Party is a part of our government. It’s not. It’s a privately owned, privately run organization. Same deal with the Republicans. Although many government officials are members of this organization, they do not represent the United States Government with respect to business of “The Party”. The way the respective party officials posture themselves, combines with the way this process is deceptively portrayed in the media, it’s easy to understand why you may think they’re part of your government. They are not. In that respect, they may as well be members of the PTA or M.A.D.D. – they have no official influence on your life.

Private organizations like this one should be left alone and free of government interference when conducting its private business, so long as their activities do not violate the laws established in our country. From that perspective, the whole issue of the Democratic Party primary voter disenfranchisement is much ado about nothing.

Sadly, that’s where the insignificance of this matter ends. In virtually all other respects, the Democratic Party’s ruling that not all votes in Florida and Michigan will count in it’s primary is very well deserved ‘ado about everything’. It violates the very premise of Democracy.

DNC Members Decide to Disenfranchise Millions

The Democratic Party, early on in the primary election process, established a set of rules which dictated everything from when State party affiliates may hold their primary elections. Party officials in both Florida and Michigan knew these rules before the process started.

By design these rules are long-winded, overblown and complex, so as to make the participation in this process by average Americans needlessly difficult to understand. This is only the first way the political parties (and, by the way, your own Government) excludes ordinary citizens from fully participating in the process of electing our representatives in the United States Government. You’ll be hard-pressed to actually find these rules easily, again, by design. Apparently, they don’t want you to understand too much, because then you may start to question them instead of going out and voting as they tell you to.

Upon dissecting the paragraphs and pages of these rules, the important and simple premise of when primary elections for the Party’s presidential nominations is quite clear: if you, as a State, do not hold your elections in the timeframe approved by the Democratic Party, your votes will not count towards the nomination.

Those are their rules, and both the Florida and Michigan contingents of this Party broke those rules, knowing full-well the consequences. By the established rules of the Party, those votes cast for the presidential nominee should not count. At all. Period. It’s a very clear black and white issue.

Sadly, such a result defies the very premise of Democracy – our National stated form of Government. In a Democracy, the simple premise is one voter, one vote. In its ruling today, the Democratic Party has determined that, in disenfranchising millions of votes cast in Florida and Michigan, one voter does NOT equal one vote. Clearly the Democratic National Committee has decided that the voters in these two states aren’t worthy of participating in the democratic process.

You’ll hear on the Corporately Controlled Media that this isn’t the case – that the “Rules Committee” of the Democratic Party determined that there must be some penalty applied to the “Democratic Party of Florida and Michigan” for breaking their established set of rules. What these pundits cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, avoid is the basic, simple fact: millions of voters who got out of bed and voted in the Florida and Michigan primaries did not have their votes counted towards the 2008 presidential nomination. Period. That’s the end result, and it doesn’t matter which babbling idiot Senator or Representative gets in front of their microphone today with self-serving rhetoric and nonsense, the fact is these votes will not count.

So that’s the whole issue in a nutshell: the Democratic Party has determined that not all votes cast in the presidential primary for Florida and Michigan will count….simply because Party officials in those states chose to hold their Primary Elections on a date which was unapproved by the Democratic Party leadership.

Seems almost un-American. huh?


You’ll also note that Rules Committee Co-Chair Alexus Herman declared that their meeting’s lunch break would be over at 4:15PM today. Since none of them have reappeared on time, do THEIR votes also not count?


2 Responses

  1. Appears as if it’s politics as usual in Washington. The two hour lunch behind closed doors seems to have eliminated the need for anything outside of grandstanding….the deal had been sealed.

    Seems Dean’s not as smart as everyone had hoped – aren’t you glad we never nominated THAT dumbass?

  2. […] Back in May, I complained vehemently about the dramatic, drawn-out affair with Michigan and Florida – where the Democrats decided that votes from these States would not count towards the nomination. […]

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