A Call to Arms

I think we would all agree that life’s sometimes hard enough without somebody throwing something else at us….god knows its tough enough to get from morning to night some days.

But if you’ll take 10 minutes now, to become informed of some things you may not realize, you WILL realize that you need to take that 10 minutes, or an hour, or two, every day, to change the way things are.

While digging into research on the World Trade Center collapse from 2001, it occurred to me that when discussing it with colleagues and friends, many people have never ever heard of the idea that the towers had been brought down in a controlled demolition. (and when shown the video footage, they leave with their mouth hanging wide open in shock and dismay)

Many had never known that there was a 3rd skyscraper which was taken down that day in the same manner.

Many never knew that 142 Saudis were flown out of the US during the period when ALL air travel was cancelled in the days that followed.

Almost NOBODY knew that George Bush’s Daddy, (remember good old George Herbert Walker Bush?) was in a meeting with Osama Bin Laden’s family members on the DAY of the strike.

It only served to bring about a huge question in my mind: why were people not questioning these (and a hundred more) serious allegations and issues?

Didn’t take long to figure that out: They’re not playing it nonstop on MTV. Or BET. Or CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Viacom, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The WB, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo Chatrooms or anywhere else.

Take a minute right now – clear your mind of the $4 a gallon gas, the $3 a loaf bread, the credit crisis, the energy “crisis”, greenhouse gasses, the foreclosure “crisis”, the “War on Drugs”, that dumb chick you work with, and anything else you might have on your mind – all very pressing issues, things you have to live and deal with day to day….and take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

When the Towers first collapsed, all we saw on TV was Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda. Then after some months, and after we’d “invaded” Afghanistan, it became Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Saddam, Al Qaeda, Saddam, Al Qaeda. After several months, again, it became Saddam, Al Qaeda, Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, Al Qaeda, Saddam. Because, of course, Saddam and Al Qaeda, in the minds of most Americans, was the same. Or so we’d been lead to believe based on what was on TV.

Now, years later, when we’ve discovered, and when our Government has admitted that it wasn’t Saddam, that he had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, did we get a ‘reversal’ of that in the media?

No. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. If Americans weren’t so busy worrying about whether or not Paris Hilton is wearing panties or not, so busy worrying about whether or not Britney’s going to be able to see her kids again, so distracted with rising prices and working harder just to make ends meet…..we might have noticed what’s been so very clear to a few folks who choose not to swallow the pabulum that they’ve been feeding us.

They lied, and it’s out in the open. We know it. Yet 5 years later, here we are, STILL, in Iraq spending BILLIONS of our dollars while our own economy goes into the toilet. We’re conquering a sovereign kingdom, doing it badly, and yet there are very few of us demanding that these War Criminals be held accountable to us for their actions.

It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten something: The idea that these people work for us, are supposed to be doing our bidding, and like any other employee, we should be able to fire them if they’re incompetent.

Yet we fail to act. Why? Most of us have ‘more important’ things going on. Rent to pay. Babies to feed. Reality Television and American Idol to watch. People Magazine to read.

And all the while, during the period where you’re gobbling up that pabulum as fast as you can suck it down, your country, the land you live in, the land where many of us were born, is being taken away from us. Decisions about how things should be are being taken completely out of our hands. Rights which were GUARANTEED to us by the very founding of this nation have been taken away from us, and most of the poor slobs in this country don’t even realize it.

How can we embrace the Constitution, and claim to support our Right to Free Speech, when the entire complex system which has become Television and Radio belongs to 5,or 6, or 7 major corporate conglomerates? We still have ‘free speech’ sure. Unless you want that free speech to be broadcast to the masses, that is. We don’t have that right, you see. If you think I’m wrong, call ABC and ask how much they’d charge you to read this very article on the air. I can already tell you the answer – airtime is not available to you for that purpose. Period.

Think about the last time you heard a major news story, which had a few interesting details you were interested in. The one which comes to mind most clearly for me is the Oklahoma City Bombing. For days we were all to be ‘on the lookout’ for “John Doe #2”, who allegedly assisted Timothy McVeigh in carrying out this heinous crime. Few weeks later, the story, the tale, the witnesses, the documented evidence about “John Doe #2” had been completely erased. You won’t find stories about it in news archives for the mainstream media outlets, and you won’t hear updates about it on the nightly news.

It suddenly became un-news, folks. Just like thousands of others. Another prime example is the 2000 Presidential Election, vote counting and recounting. Once the conservative Supreme Court ruled in favor of STOPPING FLORIDA FROM COUNTING VOTES, Bush was declared the winner. That’s what actually happened, folks – I was THERE. Saw it with my own two eyes. But if you read books and “official” accounts of what took place, and what the Supreme Court’s ruling ‘meant’, it reads substantially differently now.

Once it was over, it was over. Nobody except a few small independent news services continued to follow the trail, help analyze vote counts, and prove that there was something very UN-American going on in Florida. And that’s just one state, folks. Yet the story and issue died as if it never even happened.

Those of you who’ve read (or listened to) “1984” by George Orwell will recognize this type of behavior. The main character, Winston Smith, was “employed” by the futuristic “Ministry of Truth”. His job was to re-write news articles so that the ‘facts’ they presented were in line with Big Brother (which, in the story, represented the Global Government and controlling Political Party) and their official position. In fact, Winston was engaged in re-writing history to reflect what Big Brother WANTED history to reflect, and not what actually took place. Of course, the objective of the “Ministry of Truth” was the propagation of lies.

So, for a moment, let’s roll back to that story about the Election and the thousands of uncounted votes in Florida. Why wasn’t all this brought out in the news? In the mainstream media? Why didn’t NBC broadcast this veritable coup d’état on our country?

NBC is owned by General Electric. General Electric makes BILLIONS of dollars in profits from Defense and Government Contracts. Can you imagine how favorable their ‘bids’ would be on future contracts if they chose to expose to the masses that there was widespread corruption and fraud in the 2000 presidential election? Their shareholders and power brokers would have to tighten their belts a little bit. I’m quite sure there’d be ‘new regulations’ which would effectively squeeze out GE from any future business with the Government. This is, obviously, the same reason stories about 9-11-01 and the OBVIOUS purposeful mass murder of our citizens on that day won’t be heard on NBC – there’s far too much money for them to make in Iraq.

Iraq. So, if it’s a foregone, public and even ‘officially’ sanctioned fact (and if you share my opinion that the ‘officials’ we’re talking about are nothing more than common criminals, so it’s hard to point to an ‘official’ story without questioning its truthfulness) that there were no WMD in Sadaam’s hands, since we now know that Iraq and the Iraqi people never threatened or killed Americans (prior to the invasion), then why is it we’re still there? Still sending our youth over there to die? Why?

Because people have ceased giving a shit. $4 a gallon gas (which is 40 cents a gallon in Baghdad, by the way) increasing rent and interest rates, Britney’s kids and Paris’ panties, American Idol, MTV, BET and Reality Television (which isn’t even REAL) have all consumed our brains. No room for anything else. Distracted us from the real truth. And before you know it, our freedoms and liberties will continue to leave us even more, and people will barely notice. When they do notice, they’ll just say they have to give up these freedoms because Terrorists are going to get us…..after all, that’s all over the news, right?

Ask yourself why it’s 2008, yet the students we produce in our country are far LESS educated, by and large, than those who’ve gone before. Ask why nobody teaches concepts anymore like critical thinking and why we don’t teach our own children to question authority. We’ve got the technology and the know-how to do both, yet the resulting workforce which comes out of our nations’ colleges is more inept and uneducated towards free thinking than the class before them. Could it all be by design?

So I’m asking you to start thinking. Read. Ask questions of your elected officials. Challenge Authority. Verify things you can. When the news tells us Congress did this or that, actually take the time to go LOOK at what they did, and decide for yourself if it was a good thing or a bad thing…and then ACT accordingly.

I’m not concerned, Dear Reader, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal. I don’t even care if you’re a common street criminal. In many ways, that’s a more honest living than our politicians are earning. You might rob 1-2 people a week, but they rob MILLIONS every single day with their policies and posturing which only serve to further the causes of Government and Industry, and not the people.

That famous old historical document didn’t start out, “We The Government” or “We, The Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries of NewsCorp”….it starts out “We, The People”. That’s you – regardless of what you do for a living, which way your politics carry you, Christian, Muslim, Jew or Atheist…..you’re “The People”.

You won’t get too many more wake-up calls. The Snooze Button’s broken. The time to act is now.

One more item to think about, and then I’ll let you get back to watching Paula and Simon fight about who the better of 150 mediocre singers is:

On June 5-6-7 and 8, a group known as The Bilderberg Group will be meeting not far from my home in suburban Washington, DC. They’re meeting, so far as we’ve been able to tell, at the Westfield Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia. This is a group which includes the likes of George Bush (times two), The Clintons (him and her), David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, foreign heads of state and foreign investors, and hundreds of other similarly-situated folks. Giants of Industry. The global wealth represented in these conferences is in the TRILLIONS of US Dollars.

You’d think that an event of this magnitude would be covered by every major media outlet in the world! Yes, the meetings happen every year, but they represent a consensus by the world’s rich and powerful (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet rich, not Snoop-Dogg rich) and most everyone would consider such an event newsworthy.

If you hear or read about it at ALL, the coverage will be minimal. They’ve openly stated that The Press are not welcome. They use Federal and Military forces for event security. CIA, Mossad, MI6 and other large clandestine intelligence agencies. The airwaves around the Marriott will be so jammed that you won’t even be able to make a cell phone call for a mile’s radius.

Yet you’ll only see a couple dozen, if that many, people braving the cops and others attempting to prevent them from reporting on who’s coming and going, who’s attending, and what’s taking place inside. With some luck, we’ll have news via several websites and internet medium…..THIS YEAR. Next year, I’m not so sure since the framework to censor and tax the internet is already being put in place. The last hope that We, The People, have for openly and frankly communicating with each other is soon to be ‘regulated’, controlled, tracked and sanitized according to what your government wants you to see and hear.

I’m not the only one reporting this pattern of controlling behavior by our government and the media, so whatever your personal opinion of me may be, don’t let the messenger spoil the message for you. Take 10 minutes and go find out for yourself. There’s a wealth of information out there about the people who make decisions for you, on your behalf every day, yet most of us choose to be disinterested.

Break the cycle. Educate yourself. Educate your children. Question authority.

One of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, is quoted as saying, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Who are YOU afraid of?



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