McCain to allow "Peek" at Medical Records

Today, GOP frontrunner John McCain will allow some reporters a brief peek at his medical records.

The newer batch of records has strict security guidelines attached. Only certain news networks and newspapers will be permitted to enter the room, and they will have only three hours to examine the papers.

No cell phones or Internet access will be allowed in the room, located in a resort outside Phoenix, Arizona. Copying the records is also prohibited.

Anyone who leaves the room for any reason except the bathroom will not be allowed back.

McCain’s campaign says the rules allow for a “thorough and substantive review” of McCain’s medical history.

McCain last revealed his medical records in 1999, making 1,500 pages of records available to reporters when he was competing with George W. Bush for the Republican nomination. The records spanned his time in the Navy to his failed bid for the White House.

Red Flag here, folks – 100%. If McCain had 1500 pages of medical records in 1999, then he’s bound to have 4,000 pages by now. Despite the fact that he’s only allowing hand-picked reporters access to this information, he’s also holding very stringent security guidelines on what they’re allowed to see, how they’re allowed to see it, and even then they’re only allowed to look for 3 hours.

That’s about 2.7 seconds per page. About as long as it took the average person to read these last two sentences.

This is NOT the behavior of an honest man. This is NOT the behavior of a man who has nothing to hide from us. It’s there, it’s out front, it’s fucking OBVIOUS, and so down the road when we learn more and view more deception, we’re gonna be the very first in line to say ‘I told you so’.

-Global Informers Dot Com-


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